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A Run Down Of What To Look For In The Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

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When choosing a car vacuum cleaner, we generally don’t think too much about our choice. We know that we want something that is small enough to fit in the trunk of our car and is carried around with us to use when the need arises.

Most of the time, we walk into the store and walk out either with the one that was on sale, or the one that caught our eye first. However, there are some things we need to remember when buying a car vacuum cleaner if we really want it to work for us.

Size – Bigger is not always better

When looking for a car vacuum cleaner, don’t always go for the biggest one you can find because you think it will be the most powerful, or for the smallest one because it is the easiest one to carry around without taking up too much space in your trunk. Choose the vacuum that balances well with power but is also small and light enough to get into all the hard to reach places in your car.

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 Style and Power – The best isn’t always the best

When looking for the style, always try to find a car vac sleek and easy to store away and yet also easy to use. See what you will need and decide if you need a wet and dry, mid-power, or mere dust collector.

When looking at power, remember that the more power you choose, the more likelihood of getting a vacuum that has a cable. The two types of cabled vac vacs are the ones that you’d plug into the wall in your garage (these are more powerful and best for detailing your vehicle) and the 12V vacs (these are the units that run on the power of your car outlet).

Unless you generally need to vacuum up copious amounts of dirt, leaves, and mud from the interior of your car, going for a mid-power (12V or cordless handheld) car vac is generally the way to go because it can handle the general vacuuming easily and can do some heavy duty work once in a while.

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Price – Not too high and not too low

One thing to remember is that you get what you pay for. Never buy the cheapest vacuum just because it is the cheapest. Chances are, there is a reason it is so cheap. Remember, this applies to vacuums on sale as well. But also, don’t go crazy and way over spend on a vacuum either. For general use, the best way to go is for the price that is right in the middle.

So, shop around and do some research and find a car vacuum cleaner that best suits your needs and your car type. Find out what the most expensive vacuum is as well as the cheapest. Look in the middle of this price range and see what you can find.

Being patient, doing your research and reading reviews of the best car vacuum cleaners increases your chances of getting a unit that will be with you in the years to come.

Bags – With or without

Buying a vacuum that either uses bags or doesn’t is generally something that is going to be decided by your budget (and your willingness to keep spending on bags after your initial layout for the vacuum). Both bagged and bagless vacuums have their pros and cons.

Bagged Pros:

  • Easier to clean
  • Captures dirt better in tank
  • Keeps dust in bag

Bagged Cons

  • Buying bags
  • Reduced suction power (especially if it’s cordless, even the best cordless car vacuums can’t provide as much power as corded)
  • Smaller tank capacity

Bagless Pros

  • More suction power
  • No additional purchases
  • Generally bigger tank capacity

Bagless Cons

  • Harder to clean
  • Doesn’t help contain dust as well
  • Generally, no filter or poor filtering

Additional features – what more to look for

While many of the vacuums on the market come with a list of features meant to awe and inspire. There are only a few that really need to be checked off to make it viable as a vacuum you would want to purchase.

Filters – Does it have a filter?

Most bagged vacuum cleaners have built-in filters in the bag and so hold dust and allergens easily. However, only some bag-less vacuums enjoy this feature. If you suffer easily from allergies or dust particles, make sure you check whether the vacuum you choose has a proper filter.

Low Power

If you are getting a vacuum with a power cable then this might be a moot point for you because you don’t really need to worry about it. However, if you are looking at battery power, make sure that you select a vacuum that is low on the power usage scale. Ideally, get a vacuum with a rechargeable battery that will be easy to recharge when needed. When doing this, however, also remember to check how long the battery takes to discharge on its own when you are not regularly using and recharging the vacuum – you don’t want to be stuck needing it to clean up a mess and the battery has died.

Extra goodies

Check what other helpful features come on vacuums on the market. Look around for built-in flashlights to help see where you are cleaning, extension pipes or nozzles to help get to those really hard to reach places, and any other tricks that the vacuum has that will make cleaning with it quicker and easier.

Let us stress it once more, you need to do your research to maximize your chances of getting the best vacuum cleaner for your specific set of needs.

Even if you manage to find a vacuum that ticks every box you were looking for, first go online and check customer ratings and reviews. Salespeople will always tell you what you want to hear to try and get a sale. Online ratings and reviews, however, are generally by everyday people like you and me that have bought the product and either has something really bad or really good to say about it.

The takeaways of choosing the best vacuum cleaner for your car

If you don’t have the patience to read the entire article, here’s a concise run down of the key takeaways.

  • Size – Bigger is not always better
  • Style and Power – The best isn’t always the best
  • Price – Don’t go high, but don’t cheap out.
  • Bags – Decide what will work best for you
  • Extras – See what is available and what you can’t live without
  • Research – Always check what others are saying

Take your time and stay smart.

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