Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Security Concern Related To Freemium Based Tools

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At BlogProcess, we’ve come across a security concern that we think you should be mindful of.  You should especially be mindful if you’re a fan of free or “freemium” websites, tools, and apps.  Hackers are exploiting users’ reliance on free tools, such as Google Drive, for phishing purposes.

Under the guise of asking you to log into your email account, you are taken to a web page that an unsuspecting user might not give a second thought. You are asked to sign in to your email account in order to retrieve a secure online document.

At first glance, it looks like a legitimate account sign in screen.  It’s not – and if you fall for this trap you’re in for a huge hassle.  Follow this link to learn more about how Google Drive phishing attempts are being executed, and how to spot similar kinds of malicious attempts to steal your private information.

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To learn more contact Jason, whose article we’ve linked you to, by visiting:
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