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How to Sell More Books or eBooks

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The ability to generate more sales from your books or eBooks is very reliant on understanding some basic principles of bookselling. If you are a self-published author, you should not worry about selling more books for we will provide valid tips that will guide you on how to increase your sales.

Here are some of the leading tips that you can use to increase your sales.

1. Give it free for a limited time.

To get more sales, you can sacrifice a few copies. You should give your customers free copies for a limited period. This mostly works with eBooks. Once the eBook gets out there, word will spread and then you will be able to make more sales from the eBook. Free eBooks that you give are just like advertisements.

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2. Price it well.

Readers are very cautious about the pricing of books. A majority of readers want to see value for the books they buy. This means that you must give your book or eBook the right price for it to attract the attention of the market. One mistake that self-published authors make is overpricing their books. Give your book a fair price.
If possible, give special discounts.

3. Always advertise its price as a special offer.

Giving a discount is upon you to decide. However, you should always advertise the price of your books as a special offer. Whichever price you choose to sell it, just mark it as a discounted price. This will make buyers perceive the book’s price as a good deal.

4. Purse paid book reviews.

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To increase the chances of your book getting a wide market, you should consider using the services of book reviewers. The book reviewing sites will help you in marketing your book or eBook to a large audience.

5. Spread out your promotions.

Another important tip is to spread out your promotions. Take advantage of all available marketing channels to get your book popular. The social media platform offers one of the best campaign platforms for selling your books.

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