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Sensitive Skin Tips for the Office

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Taking care of the skin can be an exhausting job. That is especially when you are searching for a product suitable for your skin type. What you must know is whether your skin is dry, oily, or sensitive. What differentiates sensitive skin from the first two types is its proneness to stinging, burning and itching. This happens mostly in cases of makeup reacting with the skin in a hyperactive manner. In a connection with usage of products which are not suitable for it.

However, your skin still is not completely the same in each area. The parts around eyes, lips, or cheekbones, can be a lot more sensitive than the forehead, for example. These areas deserve more attention. Using moisturising mask regularly and trying to remove your makeup before bedtime is advisable.

Ahead, you will read some information about makeup for sensitive skin, for an office environment.

Office makeup for sensitive skin.
To start with the basics, the products which you use should:
– have only a few ingredients,
– have little to almost no fragrance,
– do not contain deodorant ingredients or alcohol.

What is also advisable as additional protection are creams which have SPF of 30 or higher. It doesn’t have to be summer time for you to use SPF sunscreens. Active ingredients in these can be only titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. It creates a safe foundation for the makeup effective to skin. Safety of these creams is due to the fact that they deflect the UV rays instead of absorbing them. Hence, you cannot have an allergic reaction to them.

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Using face powder is often basic to every makeup style. However, it would the best to choose only one which has fewer preservatives, and minimal risk of a possible skin irritation. Using silicone-based foundation is also good advice to follow.

Waterproof cosmetics can be a bad idea, though. For those beauty products, you need special cleanser which is often unsafe for sensitive skin. Adding black eyeliner and mascara can definitely make your eyes pop, plus they have a benefit of being least allergenic. If you prefer black pencil over a black eyeliner, you can also add eyebrow fillers to your styling routine. They are suitable for a sensitive skin.

Generally, picking right makeup for the office can be tricky. On the other hand, you can choose simple office makeup, and create a secure set of beauty product for your sensitive skin. After all, that exact same makeup will be on your face for the whole day. Make it as safe as possible.

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