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How SEO Reseller Program Can Boost Your Profits

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In a nutshell, an SEO reseller is a person or company that offers a wide selection of SEO services with some flexible and affordable pricing. Affordability is usually important here as many digital marketing services are dealing with local businesses that just don’t have sufficient budgets to put into digital marketing. However, margins for reselling SEO services can be incredibly high. It is not uncommon for services to get 500-1000% markups when delivering the final product to the client.

There are a number of advantages that come from choosing a strong SEO reseller program. Here are a few:

Helps you Build Stronger Relationships with Your Clients

The most obvious and amazing advantage of reselling SEO services is that it gives you an opportunity to further leverage your existing clientele without raising your workload.

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A good number of SEO reseller programs don’t need much work on the reseller’s end. Many times it is as little as providing some data to get a white label platform set up but this isn’t to say you shouldn’t seek to build a strong report with the SEO firm you decide to partner with.

SEO Reseller Programs Earn You Extra Revenue

The simple truth is that if you’re not offering SEO services, your customers would go somewhere else to get them. It’s a service that they’re naturally going to need regardless of whether you offer it or not. SEO is indeed, vital in today’s marketplace. Potential customers use a computer or a mobile device to find things they need. Hence any business with a website must be visible to potential customers.

SEO reseller services are all over the place and with a little research, you can’t find a strong program that will generate additional revenue you were previously missing out on. Additionally, you run the risk of outright losing clients when they go search for SEO somewhere else. Most of the best SEO companies will offer web design also, and your customers might end up leaving you if they realize they can get all of these services from one provider. So offers a package of services in one convenient package and your clients will thank you for it while you increase your revenue base.

Offers Additional Options to Your Cash-Strapped Customers

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You might already offer a fully-fledged marketing program, with packages that bundle web design, social media management, content marketing and SEO. We all know the often high SEO cost but how about the customers that just simply can’t afford the rates? They want to spend their money on a top-tier solution, but just can’t quite budget it yet. If you value them at all, you’ll surely want them to stay away from cheap SEO. In that case, you’ll want to offer them a substitute for a fully-fledged SEO solution and a number of resellers have focused programs that offer a more affordable SEO service, this enables you gain extra income from customers that previously might have been turned away due to a slightly lower price-point.

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