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SEOing Search Engine Optimization In A New Light

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When it comes to marketing, SEO is an essential method to raise brand awareness. Not to mention, saying SEO makes you sound like you know what you are doing! The problem is every business on the planet understands its importance in 2017. Well, maybe bosses don’t genuinely grasp why search engine optimization makes companies tick, but they are afraid to leave out of their strategy. So, now there is a culture where firms from here to Europe and Asia have similar policies.

Not to point out the obvious, but this isn’t a wise marketing move. The best ads grab the attention of the reader because they are original. Sadly, your plan may not fit the bill. Using the cornerstones of SEO is vital because specific features should not be omitted. However, there are tricks which the vast majority of companies don’t utilize.

If you add the following to your marketing plan, you will see SEO in a new light.

Keyword Groups

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There is no doubt the company knows about keywords and phrases, but how many do you use at one time? The usual answer is one because not over-optimizing content is vital. However, groups of keywords are easy to incorporate throughout a site or advertisement because they don’t require links. All you have to do is use them to flesh out the content and back up the strategy. Then, Google’s algorithm should do the rest and pick up on similar words and phrases. If the search engine does, the content, whatever it is, gets an upgraded score. In this case, bigger is better as there are hundreds of potential groupings. Just remember to be organic and use them naturally throughout.

Content Groups

Don’t worry – the whole post doesn’t concentrate on groupings. However, it makes sense to take the time to group content if you are going to do the same with keywords. When you think about it logically, it’s an effective way to use navigation as a way to enhance SEO. Once a person checks out one piece of content, he or she can move onto the next one without any fuss. Seen as the angle focuses on a similar topic, the odds are they will be interested in the post. The difficult part is grouping content in a useful manner. One way to do it is to differentiate between media options. For instance, you can put videos in one grouping and written articles in another.

Understand Structure

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Search engine optimization took off so quickly that businesses couldn’t afford to do their research. If they didn’t incorporate it into their plan they would lose ground to their rivals. Fast forward five years and the majority of small and medium-sized firms don’t have a clue how to structure a link. Usually, a term is a single word which isn’t suitable and doesn’t fit the context. On occasions, some links even miss out words! The key to SEO link structure is not to take the keyword literally. Yes, you want to get into the mind of the customer, but linking the same way they type is a poor choice. Frankly, it doesn’t read well and search engines dock points for this very reason. Also, consider bounce rate. A well-written keyword or phrase should be the definitive word on the subject. If customers bounce back to Google, there is a problem.

Watch Keyword Activity

Okay, picture the scene. You have gone through painstaking research and finally found the perfect keywords and keyword groups. Congratulations – pat yourself on the back! However, what you can’t afford to get lazy as all your hard work will be in vain. Far too many companies research operative words and phrases once and once only. Please don’t make the same mistake because SEO is continually evolving and so are your customers. The key is to watch out for the words and phrases which increase and decline in popularity. That way, it becomes much easier to optimize a marketing strategy by including and avoiding certain keywords. More importantly, the change in demand alerts the company to a shift in customer interests. When a word relates to a product, you can be confident that item is moving up the ranks too.

And The Competition

As always, the company will have to fight against its rivals to be successful. Thankfully, SEO is one area where a competitor can take notes from a rival and use them to grow. How is this possible? It is possible because their keywords are open to the public. All you have to do is a quick Google search and you can figure them out in a matter of minutes. The reason this is essential is two-fold. Firstly, checking out the competition is validation. Are they using similar links? If not, why? Businesses in the same industry should have related subject matter with a unique angle. Secondly, it helps to improve content. Once you understand the words and phrases, you can research their content. Are they using SEO in a new and engaging manner? Or, is theirs a generic strategy? In simple terms, an organization can use a rival’s success to reduce their market share.

Renew Old Content

One area which gets left behind is old content. Just because it was created months ago doesn’t mean it is untouchable. Indeed, the previous material is one part of a strategy which needs more attention than most because of evolution. SEO has changed dramatically in the past couple of months, never mind years. The odds are, then, that the changes have left certain content obsolete. At the least, it won’t stand up to today’s rigorous means testing from search engines. The good news is you can go back and make modifications to current practices in mind. For example, you may want to change written posts into multimedia ones. Also, don’t forget about the updates which come out of Google HQ. Fred was the latest one but there is much more to come.

A marketing strategy should be original, and SEO can help as long as you look in the right places.

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