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Six social media marketing trends to look out for in 2018

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Operating on the digital world has become a certain act for businesses in different sectors. The people you seek to reach out with your various products and services are spread out all over the different social networks.

As the years go by, newer advances in technology and changes in the audience populating the internet cause a change in the activities and expectations of people on social media platforms. In 2018, you must master certain social media marketing trends for you to remain relevant as you dominate the online population. The following six trends should keep you on the loop:

Video content taking over

Social media platforms have for a long time now valued the role of visualization in attention, retention, and learning. As this remains true, in 2018, the trend is leaning more toward video content. With a platform like YouTube taking up millions of people every day, the essence of video content is quickly picking up prominence.

Engage in sharing both long and short videos, even GIFs. The video content helps to put your text-based content into perspective while drawing the attention of a broader audience. The best part about creating video content is that they are highly prone to going viral, and any brand can really use the attention and visibility.

Mobile first

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If you are looking for the perfect combination, it is social media and mobile phones. With mobile technology so advanced today, the online population has grown by a significantly large percentage. In manner, the mobile traffic has already surpassed the desktop traffic, for example, Facebook has around 2 billion mobile active users.

If you have not yet done it, you must put the mobile audience as your key priority for all your campaigns and marketing messages. With some social media platforms like SnapChat and Instagram being mobile-only, you must find a way to configure your messages for such audiences.

On that note, you can develop an application for your brand, to give the mobile audience more flexibility and convenience in accessing your content.

Ephemeral content

Social media networks have realized a better way to share messages, which is short-lived content. Most ephemeral content for the different platforms stays up for 24 hours, then disappears.

This type of content sharing has gained popularity particularly for businesses who can now share their daily messages without having to clutter their channels with too much unnecessary information. These short stories serve appropriate even for events, showcasing new products, advertising, among other marketing needs.

Influencer marketing

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In previous years, influencer marketing has not been as big as in 2018. Social media influencers have figured out a way to stay relevant by ensuring they deliver high results for their clients. Ideally, the influencers have a better understanding of the social media audience, which gives them a lot of leverage when bargaining for the participation and involvement of the people with your brand.

When looking for the perfect social media influencer, it is wiser to avoid bigwigs and celebrities who in most cases can easily divert the attention of your target audience to themselves rather than to your brand.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is yet another concept that has widely grown thanks to mobile technology. It is an ideal way for you as a marketer to reach out to your target audience with higher engagement and interactivity among your customers.

To make your marketing messages and campaigns more acceptable by the social media audience, configure them to integrate the augmented reality. Use the special filters availed to you in the different social media networks to lure more people into consuming your products. Remember that different networks have different features you can use. From there, you can use a Facebook share link on your website, for example, to connect your Facebook audience.

Chatbots for improved customer service

Chatbots are picking up the pace by offering an instant connection among your target audience. The most amazing thing about using Chatbots for your business is that they allow you to swiftly interact with your customer and in as personal a way as possible.

You can even personalize your voice and message and send them to your customers on social media. Still, if you want your social media followers and customers to use the Chatbots, you must give them a reason to do so. Engage with them in conversations and keep your messages in such a way that they evoke the emotions of people.

Bonus: How to engage and manage

With all these trends and the amount of social media platform that today digital manager should take care of, the idea of doing this using the old way is really hard, and many big companies are using social media engament tools to manage their online presence.

And I personally use EngageBay, which offer a list of unique features:

  • An all-in-one marketing platform which combines all your most important actions like email marketing, lead generation, marketing automation, social media engagement, and  CRM.
  • Cloud-based software that you can use online and from anywhere.
  • A range of pre-designed templates that you can use either for your sales funnels, web forms, landing pages or email marketing campaigns.
  • Simple and powerful marketing automation solution to set up and run all your email marketing campaigns at no time.

And with their limited time anniversary offer, you can have a Lifetime Subscription to EngageBay’s service for just $99.

Social media is not a jargon that should overwhelm you. As long as you remain current with the trends taking place each year, your brand should dominate various networks.

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