Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Snacktime Goes Green with Reusable Lunch Bags

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One thing all kids and adults have in common is the huge love of good snacks and the amount of lunch bags that comes with that. We as humans can snack in cars, at school, at home… on the couch or while playing video games, Which mean that besides that huge amount of energy we consume to make them, we can produce an unlimited number of bugs which leads to a massive amount of trash.

A smart decision every one of us can think about, is to start using reusable sandwich bags, but many people still arguing about the benefit of that practice.

So let’s discuss in this post the benefits of reusable lunch bags:

1- Earth Friendly

Reusable bags are good for our environment than normal plastic bags which are very toxic to manufacture, not safe to use and specially for kids, and never, ever biodegrade with time.

2- Raise eco-kids

When our kids will be introduced to this culture from a young age, we are setting them up for a non-disposable lifestyle. It’s hard to discuss a big issue like those with them, but leading them by example, is the right choice to build eco-kids when you only send them to school with reusable sandwich bags.

the benefits of reusable lunch bags

3- Easy and Cost Effective

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You think that plastic bags are very cheap and that you can use them as often as you think, but by experience and with time, they turn to be very expensive and not as clean for your food as the reusable ones.

Also, dealing with the cleaning of plastic bags is not as easy as you think, but in reality the reusable ones are easier when it comes to cleaning, as most of them can be cleaned using the same washing machine you are using to clean clothes or any other textile item.

In the comment section, let me know what are you using right now for your kids’ snacks? or if you can give reusable bags a chance?

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