Wednesday, July 6, 2022

SnapCiphr, A Social/Messaging App for Disappearing Messages

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SnapCiphr is a new social/messaging app that was recently released for Android. The goal of this messaging app is to send message and photos but the messages disappear from the recipient’s phone forever after chosen time. You can send snaps to any of your friends and you can add friends with an invitation within the app. The app is intuitive, stable, fast and easy to use.

The cool thing about SnapCiphr is that besides the fact that the messages disappear after some time, you can set the exact time for a photo to disappear. Messages can’t be traced and they are permanently deleted after opened.

There are some additional features that you can do with SnapCiphr. For example, you can take timed selfies and send them across the platform. The most important thing in this great social/messaging app is the fact that its stable and free. So, get it on Google Play and start connecting in a fun way.

Click to download the app from PlayStore or visit the SnapCiphr website at

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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
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