Sunday, July 3, 2022

SOLUTIAM – The Revolution In Procurement

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Well begun is half done! No wonder entrepreneurs and management consultants all around the globe value the procurement step in any business so massively and in turn, rely upon it to cut down business costs. In the contemporary era of automation, with everything else becoming automated and standard, it is “PROCUREMENT” that can help you buy a significant competitive edge and survive in the market.

However, there is a mostly a mismatch between the knowledge seekers and experts in procurement. This is mainly because the field is still developing, and people are taking some time to come out of the cocoon of conventional trading when there were very few players in the market and it was more or less fixed from where to procure and how to procure.

I got a video from Solutiam’s LinkedIn Page that shows what I am talking about. Today is the age of digital transformation which has given birth to a gig economy. All economies, like Americas and Chinese, are trying to move towards totally gig markets with the help of complete digital transformation.

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Solutiam, a brand in procurement, is one such European niche procurement firm, its USP based on these two concepts of gig and digitalization, which has made its mark in the field of procurement. Solutiam thinks out of the box and knows the difference between efficient and effective procurement.

Firms which still function traditionally and are not using the advantages offered by the internet via gig economies and digital transformations will definitely be left behind. These concepts are providing procurement services and resultant benefits at rates which cannot be matched by traditional mechanisms. There are a number of players in the market today who are offering services and Solutiam analyses each one of these with respect to your particular requirements and non-requirements.

Secondly, Solutiam offers this blue-sky thinking procurement service on a very quick digital platform, which is cheaper, convenient and efficient as compared to traditional in-house consultants. Enjoy the benefits of a full team of business professionals who are experts in their specific domains and every time you need to procure something, you need not burden your HR to hire someone who is a jack of all and master of none. Solutiam has a range of about 400 categories and services on which it has the expertise, so pick up a procurement consultant specific to your needs for each report.

You can use a number of services at Solutiam; as a corporate you can hire the outstanding consulting services of their experts, as a procurement consultant you can join their team of experts, as a procurement contractor you can use the in-depth knowledge of the niche experts and there are around 400 categories so that the perfect match is made.

And all this information and customized procurement advice at Solutiam come with a minimal fee because of the economies of scale that Solutiam enjoys as a market leader as a procurement consultant. The fee is then shared between Solutiam and the field experts. The team at Solutiam lets you pay only when you are completely satisfied with the services. Solutiam offers you scalable business help with the outstanding skill sets and market study based on deep expertise. Stakeholders can easily leverage procurement with Solutiam.

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