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The Steps You Need When You Lose Your iPhone

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In this modern era having an iPhone is very common and you can find that almost everyone you meet has one. Those people who are not having an iPhone also wish to have it someday or the other. Sometimes, you even must have sacrificed all your savings, just to have an iPhone. So, have you ever wondered what would happen if this iPhone gets away from you?

It is very common that you misplace your iPhone or it may even get stolen. Such situations lead to panic and you face a wide variety of negative emotions but this is the time when you are supposed to take any kind of action, rather than creating havoc of the situation. Your actions after you lose your iPhone matters a lot in getting your iPhone back to you. So, let’s have a look below at some of the steps which you should follow for getting your dearest iPhone back to you.

1- Lock Access to Your iPhone

The very first thing you should which you should do after losing your iPhone is that you should deny the other person the access to over your phone by locking its access. This option is not for you if your iPhone already has a passcode set but if this is not the case, then by using ‘find my iPhone’ feature, you can set a passcode on your phone and hence restrict other people from having access to your personal information. Or rather, if you wish to, you can also completely delete data from your phone using the ‘iCloud’ feature, just to prevent the misuse of your data. Apart from this, you can also change the passwords of your mail id, bank accounts etc.

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2- Try and Track Your Phone

If you are unable to find your phone, you can just use ‘find my iPhone’ feature and track your phone. This helps you locate the location of your phone by using the inbuilt GPS system on your iPhone. The only pre-requirement this demands is that you should have the set up of ‘find my iPhone’ feature installed on your iPhone before it was stolen or lost. Apart from this feature, there are various other apps too which can easily be found in the App store which can help you in locating your stolen or lost iPhone.

3- Seek the Help of the Police When You Track Your Phone

You must have always heard that one should not hit with a hammer on his own leg. So, keeping this in mind, always remember that even if you have been successful in tracking your iPhone, do not go to that place or person alone; as this may sometimes prove to be dangerous. Always seek the help of the police and go with them to the place you have been able to track.

4- File A Police Complaint

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If you remain unsuccessful in tracking your iPhone, you should take the help of the police and file a first information report with them as this would help you in dual ways i.e. in finding or locating your iPhone and also in easy dealing with the insurance companies.     

Above stated, these are some tips, which may help you in tracing your iPhone and getting it back to you. This would help in returning the lost smile on your face. Act upon any or each of the above-stated tips it will definitely make you reach the destination of your iPhone. This will make easier for you to reach the doors of success more quickly. Hence, follow the tips, find your iPhone and stay happy.

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