Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Basics of Promoting Your Business

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Image source: Image credits: Antonio Williams. Flickr.
Image source:
Image credits: Antonio Williams. Flickr.

First thought of every entrepreneur after he or she gets all the necessary documents is: “The world will know my name. My brand’s name will be top of mind, on everybody’s lips”. Of course, that is more than ideal. Who wouldn’t wish for that? But then you slowly get down to earth and start truly understanding the limitations of budget, then that of the staff and so on and so forth.

We Have The Right To Choose Our Customers

Not every time and not in every field. Sometimes you simply have to let go of any standard just to score in with a project so you can finalize it and have what to build your portfolio with at the end of the day. Pride has no place in business, at least not in the beginning and when it comes to marketing yourself or advertising your services; you need to give the customer something to rely on.

Think of it this way: you are You sell the best bagels in town but no one knows about you. So you spread the word, offer people samples (yes a bit of pro-bono work might come in handy later on and gives you a great opportunity to experience an exchange of services between two entrepreneurs, a chance to build your portfolio with the help of someone who otherwise couldn’t afford what you offer).

It’s not hard. All you need is to have the right mindset on and things will surely unravel in the right way.

Expect Failure and Understand It Is Part of the Process

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You can’t always win. This applies to advertising as well. You begin testing the market, knowing your consumers, understanding what makes them tick. You start communicating. Some will love you, some will judge you and some will simply give you a pat on the back. Results come with patience and with pretty big investments since generally all services offered to firms are often more expensive than those offered to the consumer (for a pretty valid reason too). However, there is a cheaper way to do things in the beginning.

Go Digital!

Social media requires a considerably smaller investment if you want to get your name out there. Create a qualitative website (no one wants something that you can barely read on a mobile phone or on a tablet). Invest and your ROI will not fail to show up. Take your time to understand what online customer experience is all about, poke around for data about your specific segment of consumers and you can already sketch a safer customer profile. UXC Eclipse, leader in CRM and ERP solutions believes that “if all this seems mission impossible, reach out to experts in the field that know media planning and have pre-purchased high visibility spots that can help you get better worth for the money you spend.”

If you go for SEO or for any type of online form of visibility remember to always ask for results, always question how much you can achieve for the money you spend and ask to have full transparency on the results down to demographics and devices used to access your website and links.

So Let’s Start Advertising!

Never leave high expectations behind. Pick the feasible ones first and keep the more idealistic ones as long term achievements. Invest carefully and invest smart. Yes, it is not going to be easy and yes, you should definitely consider hiring third party firms to help you along the way. Get your objectives straight, find the best means to reach them and let your imagination unfold.

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