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The Best Hoverboard for 2016

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If you’re simply unfamiliar with HoverBoards, you must know that they are today’s most wanted personal transporters. Called Segways, Electonic Scooters and self-balancing boards, and they are a board with two wheels and some sensors built-in, that allows the hoverboards to almost magically balance.

They are easy to use and basically, you just need to lean slightly forward and the board automatically accelerates and leans back and it will slow or reverse. When it comes to turning left or right, just push forward with one foot and backwards with the other. Hoverboards need rechargeable batteries inside to energize one or two motors at the wheels. And depending on the brand, there may be additional features, such as a better speed or even an app to control everything…

But after getting a lot of heat from media across the world, hoverboards almost disappeared from the market and the government stepped in attempting to regulate how they are imported and keeping a close eye on brands that sell them.


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The DreamSpin hoverboards are one of the few branded models that come with UL certification which means they have been carefully tested for safety and reliability of batteries and hardware.
The company features each hoverboard with a high-quality 36-volt Samsung battery that offers a decent ride time of 2 hours longer than standard or cloned hoverboards to double the fund time.
Also, every Charge used for the DreamSpin hoverboards is equipped and tested to protect users against overcharging, overvoltage, overcurrent and short-circuiting. and it comes with Alnico Motors that have the best market density, electrical resistivity, tensile strength and compression strength to make sure the rider can stay easily stable, twice the balance control, maximum efficiency and smooth handling. Without forgetting the 1-year warranty.

When it comes to design DreamSpin provide the last design trends and present many colour choice to suit every rider taste.


The BlogProcess team has tested the DreamSpin hoverboards and can guarantee a very pleased and safe experience.

You can know more about the company and buy your next hoverboard by visiting the brand website at
Please let us know your feedback after you test the hoverboard.

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