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The GoFEST – Your Festival Companion Kit

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 13, 2018. Each year, 40 million Americans take a camping trip and 32 million people attend at least one music festival in the United States. This growing population of urbanites and young professionals is attracted by outdoor adventures and community engagement but is often unequipped for festival settings. As of today, there are no festival camping solutions providing essential kits that can make your trip enjoyable, affordable, and safe. Gimme Shelter presents your festival solution, the GoFEST, an all-inclusive affordable camping kit.

Preparing for a festival trip can be unnerving, especially for first-time travelers. Urbanites and young professionals can easily get deterred by preparations simply because they don’t have enough time to shop (and that’s assuming they know what they’re looking for). Often, they end up buying overpriced and useless equipment that takes up space and is cumbersome to transport. Gimme Shelter gives festival goers the perfect gear to enjoy their festival experience with comfort and style. The GoFEST pairs smart design with extreme convenience, and creates a new market in the festival and camping field.

The kit includes a sleeping bag that will keep you warm during chilly desert nights, a sleeping pad for comfort after a long night of partying, headlamp, solar battery charger to keep your devices charged, foldable water bottle, blanket and first-aid and comfort kit with festival essentials. All items fit in a stylish barrel bag, bag with a customized colorful fabric sowed on the inside. Also, if you need shelter and are no expert in setting up tents, an easy to assemble pop-up tent can be added to the kit. The GoFEST is light and can be carried with one hand, it’s that convenient!

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About Gimme Shelter:

Gimme Shelter is in the process of partnering with music festivals that will, in turn, co-promote the sales and branding of the kit. The company was founded in 2017 and its mission not only consists in making the whole festival camping experience more accessible and convenient but also in helping people in need of shelter. Gimme Shelter is driven by a social mission, sustainable manufacturing, and environmental ethics. All items are made from recycled material, and by repurposing tents left behind (or donated) at festivals, Gimme Shelter helps reduce waste while providing people affected by natural disasters an emergency shelter.

Gimme Selter’s founder Karim Arsanios said, “The GoFEST will give the necessary tools to make any festival experience accessible and effortless to anyone who wants to make the trip. Crowdfunding is the ideal platform to launch our “Festival Companion Kit”. This is a new product, a new company, and a new way of raising awareness. By supporting the GoFEST, people can be part of a growing ecologically oriented community and, in an age of climate uncertainty, help and have a direct impact on people’s lives”.

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