Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The importance of web development training for your company

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Training presents a challenging opportunity for companies to expand the knowledge and improve yhe turnaround of all employees, but many startups find the training courses in today market very expensive or miss-calculate the time they think it lost while the team is wasting.

Despite the potential hitchess, training and development provides both the startups employees with benefits that make the cost and time a worthwhile investment.

But why if one new startup is solving these throwbacks but keep all the other advantages. A startup called appendTo that present itself as an expert and highly-customized training solutions focused on helping stargups and their teams to get better and improve their development level.

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appendTo is a team of experimented software developers who love helping other developers learn new technologies or improve their skills.
But what makes the startup very unique is that every course they deliver is customised to you and your team, the type of software your building, in the tools you’re using, on the development environment you use on the job.

Since 2009, appendTo has worked with big names like Yahoo, SalesForce, Starbucks, Lenovo… and other industry leaders, but they promise to help any type and size of companies and customise the courses to fit it.

The main features of appenTo are:
–  No more powerpoint presentations, the company work on a 40% lab, 40% lecturer and 20% Q&A.
– Expert developers instructors, by developers for developers.
– Only custom build content and courses.

So if you are willing to level up your startup, don’t hesitate to contact appendTo suing their website.
And to know more about the company visit their:

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