Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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In the start-up and High Tech companies evolution, hiring the best talent is as tough as it’s ever been, this way most of today entrepreneurs prefer to use innovative tools to help them to control the interviewing and recruiting process.

But how do you find and match the right people to the right jobs? And how do you make sure every candidate has really the minimum skill before integrating him/her in the recruiting process and decide if you are going to interview him/her or not.

Today announcements describe the position and the key qualifications required in details, but some applicants will ignore these terms and respond regardless or sometimes you attract more talent than your company needs. And this why every Entrepreneur needs tools like Tests4Geeks.


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The platform plays the role of a filter you use to avoid wasting time on interviewing unwanted developers profiles by testing them online and automatically before inviting them to an interview. And in few easy steps:
1- Choose your test (Java, HTML, PHP…).
2- Generate your unique test link.
3- Send the link to your candidate or add it to your job ad page.
4- receive the report and results in your inbox.

Just a minimum of 4 steps and you can filter who is going to attend your interview and who qualify for a position in your team.

But this is not all, Tests for Geeks can be used as a white label platform where you can have your own domain and business logo, so applicants will think that it’s your own business’ web page service.

Starting at $29.95/mo, Tests for Geeks is a great tool to avoid the headache of interview unqualified developers or if you are willing to hire freelancers and overseas employees.

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Visit the Tests4Geeks twitter page for more interaction with the team and to stay updated with the last improvements.

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