Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Soap Shower… Show Them Your Love

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Today I’m going to introduce you to The Soap Shower,  an automatic body wash soap dispenser that will enable anyone with a disability of one hand to take a shower without the help of another person.

All have to do for your loved one to use the Soap Shower is to attach it to the shower wall and connect a  tube that goes from the soap chamber to the shower head.

So when the user needs soap, he/she just need to push the chamber button and machine will mix the soap with the water to pour the mix will be all over his/her entire body.The system works  with any shower head and you only need a wrench and a new battery and everything will be done and installed in few minutes.

And while the product is designed to assist elder and disabled people,  to allow them to shower on their own, The soap shower can also be used by ordinary people to live an effortless showering experience like never before so they can enjoy bathing with leisure…

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So to understand the idea behind this great product, watch this video:

And you can visit the company behind the Soap Shower at www.thewcgpa.com.
There is also this GoFundMe campaign launched to raise funds for the prototype and product design of The Soap Shower that you can visit to donate, help or at least share it with your friend to allow more people to participate.

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