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The Top 12 Most Popular College Degrees

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In the modern world, you can easily cultivate existing passion as well as explore new interests so that you get to find a major that will direct your career path. Here is a list of degree programs, covering the job prospects and their popularity. It is a closer look that will help you see some of the unique challenges associated with various popular courses, and it will help you develop skill sets applicable in the profession.

1) Computer Science

Computer science is one of the 12 most popular college majors by degree type. You will not just learn about computer programs and hardware, but you will also get to know the application of that knowledge, readying for the competitive job market. Once you complete, you will be fixed to areas like artificial intelligence, image recognition programs, numerical analysis, and gaming technology.

2) Communications

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The course is typically a favorite for great storytellers, personalities with quick wits as well as people with fiery personalities. You will earn speech writing skills as well as the art of formulating scripts. You will be focusing on business, advertising, public relations, and media.

3) Government And Political Science

The major usually deals with those current events. You will be focusing on the politics of the government and a significant concentration on the American government; you will possibly end up being a lawyer or a politician.

4) Business

A business major will involve grounding in theories as well as principles in accounting, finance, economics, and statistics. You will learn to budget, organize, as well as control various kinds of organizations. You will also be thinking about multiple issues in ethics, politics, among others.

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5) Psychology

You will be able to focus on the human mind and the way they react to certain prospects from time to time to the environment. You will focus on human features for instance emotions, motivations, and personalities among others.

6) Engineering

Engineers will harness various kinds of activities to ensure that they come up with something that people want. It is a broad field that covers mechanical, chemical, biochemistry engineering. You will have a high chance of getting a job in big companies that carry out manufacturing.

7) Nutrition And Dietetics

This often revolves around human nutrition, and depending on the particular education, you will be able to find healthy links for dieting, food preparation, as well as client education

8) Marketing

Marketing is usually a popular college major for millennials. Modern skills you will earn involve learning how to formulate social media ad campaigns or just regular ad account management. If you are a people’s person or you can create content that quickly grabs the attention of the people, this will be a great choice for you.

9) Arts And General Studies

Many people who are in colleges will often consider arts aside major while they are focusing on other disciplines. Liberal Arts has even been recognized by many college graduates since it is popular and hence appreciated by a high number of people.

10) Education

If your passion has always been working with kids and would like to make a significant difference in their lives, it would be wise to pursue an education course. We all have one person who taught us, and we appreciate for the time.

11) Nursing And Health

Graduates in nursing have been identified to come close to the list of being the most popular, in the states. If you appreciate human health and would like to make a difference in the lives of people, taking a course in science would be of great benefit.

12) Social Sciences

In case you happen to be graduating with a degree in social science, you will have great prospects in management consultancy media and economic-related job sets.

You need to ensure that you schedule one-on-one meetings with your college admission counselors so that you can apply and get a slot in your dream school.

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