Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Write Stuff: Getting a Freelance Content Writing Business Up and Running

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Bill Gates once said, “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” And businesses know this. Which means every business needs to create and maintain a strong social media presence, blog, and various other pages on their site to stay strong.

This equals massive amounts of writing jobs available for writers out there. Many sites hire freelancers to keep up a consistent series of articles and social media posts. The time has never been better to start your own content writing gig. With an infinite need for writers and a plethora of topics to write about, choose your own destiny and bring in extra income at the same time. If this flexible form of work appeals to you, read on for laying the foundation for your content writing success.

Goals & Expectations

As you construct the foundation for your content writing business, consider what you want to get out of it, both personally and financially. Do you want a freelance gig that pays the bills or one that accumulates a “vacation fund?” Is this a side venture or do you want to devote yourself full-time to content writing?

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All answers are correct! With content writing, you can carve out virtually any lifestyle to match. So start yourself off on the right foot and make a list of your goals and expectations. Include “realistic” income amounts and estimate a little extra time per job. This doesn’t mean you can’t make a decent living or that the work is going to consume your every waking hour. On the contrary. It’s just smart to calculate your income and the time you will have to invest in each project a little higher than expected to make a sustainable workload. You will quickly pick up speed with writing jobs, especially once you secure consistent clients who need continually loads of the same topic.

Planning & Organization

Every project needs a plan and every successful venture requires organization. If you’re going to do content writing to create a supplemental income, carefully figure the amount of time you expect you’ll be able to devote to it apart from your regular job.

It’s a good idea to have one or two sample works available for your potential clients’ viewing. This is also an ideal opportunity to go through the motions of a mock job and find out how much time this work is going to take you. I recommend at least one of your sample works to be a blog post as this is often a content writer’s bread and butter. Even if you write about a subject you are fairly familiar with, there will likely be some research needed, also giving you important information for scheduling requirements.

Some important points to consider when writing your sample blog post(s) are:

  • Target industries and businesses (a.k.a. real estate, hospitality, etc.)
  • What kinds of information these industries want to convey to their clients
  • What problems these businesses face in regard to conveying their message
  • Study blogs and websites of topics you would choose to write about (notice blogs which clearly have a consistent following)
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Right off the bat, it may be challenging to keep notes and files in order as there will always be some unforeseen requests from clients or aspects of the work that couldn’t be anticipated. These things are usually easy fixes and will only serve to help you with future projects. Regardless of the curveballs of life, keep yourself organized both in your physical workspace as well as with your writing project files.

Putting it All Together

There’s nothing quite like working on your own terms and content writing is one of the best ways to achieve this independent aim. With just basic grammar and writing skills, you can quickly create a substantial income stream.

For a sure-fire guide to developing and maintain a successful content writing business of your own, check out my new step-by-step ebook Content to Cash. I’ll take you through the entire process and help you get up and running right away.

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