Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Things to Remember While Choosing an International Recruiter

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You can choose a local recruiter or do without one when your business is small and serves in a limited area. But, when your business starts expanding to the areas where you don’t have any physical presence or do not know much about the local market, you need to hire a recruiting, consulting, and a Translation Agency.

Here we are sharing some tips that you need to remember whenever you are choosing an international recruiting agency.

Initiate the cost discussion from your side – Staying clear about everything related to payment is for your own benefit. You need to know the fee structure and the mode of payment to decide whether you have the budget to afford the service. If you are residing in a country whose currency value is lower than the recruiting agency’s country currency, you’ll need a really big budget.

Choose a firm with a local office in your time-zone – You might want to contact a hiring agency based at the place where you are searching for an employee. But, it won’t be a smart decision to hire someone from a remote location to hire an employee at the remote location. You need to choose a firm with whom you can go for a personal meeting to discuss your requirement. You need someone whom you can meet and who can be accounted for if a thing goes wrong.

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Use International Contracts – To protect your company when dealing with an international recruiter, make sure you sign an international contract type, make sure you understand the recruiting laws in the new country, and always make sure a good and experienced international company to translate your documents and contracts with both the recruiting agency and the candidates.

Ask the recruiter their most common channel of recruitment – The recruiting agencies do not only interview and shortlist candidates who are looking for a job. Many a time they convince the highly qualified professionals to leave their current jobs and join their client’s business. So, if you want to hire the best professionals you cannot rely on those who only filter candidates through their LinkedIn profiles. You do not want just the names of the candidate. You want your agency to convince and channelize the best candidates for your employment.

Confirm about the recruitment agency’s previous international placements – If their website does not give information, ask the recruitment agency about their previous international placements. If they have some success stories, they will surely like to share it with you proudly. Reputed recruiters like Erik Juhler have testimonials and success stories on their website itself. So, you don’t need to ask them. But, when you need to ask, make it a point to confirm the same with the named clients.

Make sure the recruitment agency is acting like a partner rather than a vendor – Ask for a time frame for giving the shortlisted candidates’ details. If you get a straight-forward answer without being asked about your requirements, take the answer as a danger sign. The recruiter needs to work with you as a partner in coming up with the job requirement and then selecting candidates.     

It is important to be wary to protect yourself from a fraud.

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