Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Thinking About Starting a Food truck Biz? Start here!

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So you’re thinking of starting a food truck, hey?

I’m sure no one will disagree when we say go for it – the more food trucks the better!


As the food truck industry becomes more popular – billion-dollar industry popular – it also becomes more saturated, making it more difficult to succeed. It’s a flourishing industry and the competition is fierce(ly delicious…).

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In order to get your truck off on the right foot (wheel), you need to have a clear vision and a solid plan for turning your dreams and/or side hustle into reality!

Before Starting Your New Business

As with any business, there are a few important things to think about if you want to start the best food truck – things that, if not executed properly, can sink your business before you even get it afloat.

Primarily, you’ll want to have a solid plan regarding your menu, your location(s), the costs you will incur, and the paperwork you will need.


You cannot, and will not, have a successful food truck without the food – duh.

And it can’t just be any old food.

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With how trendy, and thus common, food trucks are becoming, in order to stand out from the crowd and keep the people interested your, menu will have to be both delicious and different.


Location, location, location!

Choosing where to park your truck requires strategy. Finding the right spot (or spots) can pay off big time.

First you have to decide if you are going to maintain your presence in one spot, or if you would rather travel around to different spots – of course both options have their benefits and drawbacks.

Regardless of which option you choose, there are a few considerations you’ll want to (and perhaps have to) make: is there enough space to park, is there enough foot traffic to make it worth while, are there any permits required for the location, and are there already any food trucks in the area?


Starting a business comes with a lovely assortment of costs to consider – if you don’t estimate, prepare for, and track these costs, your budget will be blown in no time.

Some of the costs you’ll need to anticipate for your new food truck include:

Initial costs – such as licenses and permits, the cost of the truck itself, and the kitchen equipment, and having some of the best food truck pos.

Daily operating costs – such as insurance, food costs, wages, and transportation.


Figuring out which licenses and permits your truck will need and what type of insurance to get can seem overwhelming, and a tad tedious – but you won’t get very far without these things.

You won’t be able to legally run your food truck without the proper licensing, and most individuals from an unlicensed venue, so it’s in your best benefit to obtain all of the proper permits from the get-go.

In terms of insurance, you will want to speak with your broker and get the appropriate policy – you’ll need a policy that covers everything your food truck may be at risk for and it’s unique circumstances.

Hit The Road!

Now that you have a better idea of all the things you’ll have to get organized before rolling out, it’s time to start planning! There’s nothing standing in the way of you and your food truck dreams now.

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