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Tony Mariot Wilson Explains Why You Should Blog About Topics You Care About

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Online blogging remains one of the best ways to let your message reach the public. Anyone can start a blog, from a young teenager to a senior adult. Sharing your unique perspective on life can be a rewarding experience.

When choosing topics for your blog, it is best to stay with topics you are passionate about. When your interest in your topics shows through, it will make your writing voice more authentic and help you attract more readers. Tony Mariot Wilson explains the reasons why it is best to blog about topics you care about.

Enthusiasm is Contagious
When you show your passion through your writing, you will have an easier time convincing others to share your beliefs. Many religious communities, including the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, encourage followers to keep journals about their faith journeys. These journals can easily take the form of a blog. By showing a positive view of your faith and your personal convictions, you will shine a positive light on your affiliations.

Attention-Getting Blogs
If you are not sufficiently invested in your topic, your blog will come across as lukewarm and uninteresting. Readers can tell whether a writer has a personal connection with their topics. If the writing is stiff and unconvincing, readers will quickly click away. Being passionate about your topics is a surefire way to help your blog succeed.

Write for Yourself
When deciding what to write, you need to write for yourself first. Don’t dwell on what your readers will think when they come across your piece. You need to let yourself be creative without the constant pressure from others that comes from publishing your work. If you write for yourself, you will write more often and publish more posts. These pieces will resonate with readers better than pieces that were written out of a sense of obligation.

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Attention-Getting Topics
Choosing a topic to blog about can be challenging. Be sure that you blog about topics that are attention-getting without being too sensational. If you are too sensational, you could be accused of writing clickbait, a damaging accusation for any blog.

For example, if you are blogging about wedding topics, you could include a piece on how your personal faith should affect your relationship with your partner. Personal relationships are one of the best things to blog about because they have so much potential for good writing material.

Don’t Be Boring
When you are blogging for a business, there is a strong temptation to fill in your company blog with empty and soulless SEO content. You should always focus on making your content lively and interesting. A writer who can combine engaging content with the necessity of SEO compliance is a treasure. Anyone can learn to hone these skills to become an effective blogger.

Make Connections with Other Blogs
It is a good idea to start a system of making guest posts. Guest posts are a good way to attract attention to both blogs. When you spread your enthusiasm to someone else’s blog, it will make your own blog more attractive to readers. You should also build friendships and connections with other bloggers in your topic area.

There will always be a sense of competition between writers, but it is best to cultivate a cordial relationship with others. Above all else, you want to avoid having another blog post a takedown of your ideas. Taking the time to nurture relationships with other bloggers will help you build a strong community and will draw in more readers naturally.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks
If all of your topics are too safe, your audience will dwindle. Blog readers like to be surprised, and they like to see a blogger with strong but not overbearing opinions about their subject area. For example, if you are trying to attract attention to your baking blog, try something truly outstanding and share your experiences with it. Reproducing a famous recipe from history may be a great way to shake up your readers’ expectations. You will show a depth of knowledge about your topic and reveal yourself as an expert in your field.

Your Interest Will Shine Through
Blogging is a science, but it can also be an art. Creating the right blog post for the right audience is a tricky proposition. Anyone can teach themselves how to write effective online content, and these lessons will go on to achieve a high level of success in the marketplace.

If you are just going through the motions of blogging about a topic, it will be dead in the water. Too many bloggers who take part in affiliate marketing are content with putting any text on the page and accompanying it with paid product links. These sites suffer in comparison with blogs that truly take their topics to heart.

Tony Mariot Wilson reminds bloggers that if they are not enthusiastic about their topics, they will lose important audience members. Bloggers who have a deep interest in their subject matter will always have a greater level of success than bloggers who are only interested in clickthroughs and ad sales.

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