Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Top Five Features We love about Shopify

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The market of e-commerce solutions is known with a huge number of competitors. Of course each one of them has it’s own Ups and Downs. But for the BlogProcess team Shopify is our #1 choice and here is way:

1- Payment gateways: From the most known gateways like PayPal to the new ones like Bitcoin, Shopify provide every shop with a range of 70 external payment gateways.
Local Shop? – Shopify will provide you with the right gateway for your country.
International one? – You are covered!

2- Domain name: Your store with Shopify will have it’s own domain and can be branded and with one Click.
You have a domain? – You can use it with the Shopify Store.
You need one? – Shopify will sell and register one fr you!

3-SEO and Marketing: Think SEO? Shopify will provide a series of features to work on the marketing and Search Engine Visibility of your store. From On-Page SEO to Big brands Ads Credit.

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4- Unlimited bandwidth: It’s really rare to find a solution to provide unlimited bandwidth, but Shopify simply do that!

5- Amazing Support: If a forum to discuss your needs and a huge knowledge base isn’t enough, Shopify will give you the opportunity to deal with a dedicated team available 24/7 just to help you.
They even have an E-commerce university to help you sell more!

Shopify will be the best solution for your e-commerce website, so you can concentrate on what you love most, YOU BLOG, and SHOPIFY will take care of your store!

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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
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