Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Use GLAD Guide for a better health

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Most bloggers and webmasters nowadays work from home as independent contractors or online with their own bosses. But what most of us forget about day after day from working and staying home is our health.

But Glad Guide is a great solution to control everything and keep our health under control. The app is very useful and has many features to help you control what you eat and how to eat it like:
– Helps you create daily menus,
– Saves your favorites menus with their respective GL and alkalinity data,
– Calculates and records the GL value and alkalinity/acidity of your daily food intake,
– Tailored functions to help you personalize your nutrition,
– Monitors your weight over time by tracking your BMI against your food GL and alkalinity data,
– Creates daily or weekly shopping lists.

So if you are looking a simple and very sophisticated app to help you control your weight and keep your nutrition on the track, don’t hesitate to use GLAD Guide.

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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Mom. Sara Revonia’s articles are about business, life, and Entrepreneurship.
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