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Visual Commerce: A Way To Boost Your eCommerce Sales

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eCommerce is a highly volatile and vivid landscape. The ever-changing demands of online consumers are calling for constant advancements in the eCommerce arena.

Maneuvering through these challenges, the eCommerce industry has managed to touch the lives of modern consumers.

With the deep integration of visuals in consumers’ lives through social media, visuals have become the key assets to commerce and the marketing industry.

Digital revolution, technological advancements, and the dawn of social media have been the key reasons behind the immense consumption of visuals by the audience.

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This has given rise to the term Visual Commerce.

Visual Commerce

Visual commerce is the exploitation of visual content like astonishing photos, high-definition videos, expressive infographics, visual user-generated content, interactive gifs, etc. for the purpose of attracting consumers, driving engagement, and developing a connection with consumers that has a high potential of conversions.

Visual content for commerce is related to product imagery, promotional & review product videos, User-generated visuals, Artificial intelligence & virtual reality product displays, and adding shoppability to these visuals for marketing & selling. 

Visual commerce immensely enhances the consumer’s browsing & shopping experience by integrating content with commerce. 

eCommerce is a digital commerce platform thus it becomes essential to have supporting visuals with the products & services to build trust, showcase authenticity, quality, and reliability.

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We have listed a few ways through which you can boost your eCommerce sales by using visual content. 

1. Engagement & Communication

Visuals are way more expressive and engaging as compared to the textual content. Showing the visuals with your products enhances the consumers’ experience of browsing.

People are better able to remember and recall visuals and help marketers in conveying the intended emotions, sentiments, and promotional messages more effectively.

Better understanding will allow users to engage & interact more with the possibilities of leading to higher conversion & sales.

2. Realistic & Informative Visualization

One thing that consumers always look for an eCommerce store is how the product would look in real-life and an actual realistic setting.

Visuals can help in solving that issue for any eCommerce as you can display photos and videos of products in different but real background environments.

This will give a more detailed and real-life utility perspective to the audience and deeper insights into product aesthetics.

Besides, more information can also be delivered through the visuals as compared to text, and that too in lesser size & space. This calls for the quote that “A picture says a thousand word”

3. Integrate Shoppability

The supreme advantage of visual commerce is to integrate shoppability to the visual content and make them shoppable posts. 

Shoppable posts are posts with products displayed in them and the option of buying the products directly from the visual posts through shoppable tags.

Visuals help in building engagement and interest in the displayed products and shoppability delivers instant gratification through by converting intention to conversion. 

This helps in real-time selling, reduced cart abandonment, short buying journey, easy product discoverability, higher conversions, and superlative consumer experience. 

4. Showcase Interactive UGC

User-generated content is the most trustworthy & authentic form of content that helps consumers in making their purchase decisions. 9 out of 10 people tend to trust peer recommendations for their online shopping activities.

Sharing visual UGC will help the audience in understanding the aesthetics of the products better than the textual reviews. As you would be able to display how the users are using your products in their lifestyles.

Besides, Visuals would give a more descriptive idea to the audience about the authenticity, product insights, better visual appeal, reliability, and durability of the products. 

5. Visual Hub Generation

You can create a visual hub for all the user-generated & firm-generated content and display it on your eCommerce website. It will help in delivering more knowledge and value to the audience.

In the consumer purchase journey for shopping online, the first step is Information search and the evaluations. The visual hub will allow the users to find all relevant information in one place for analysis & evaluations. 

This will allow them to make more informed and you can deliver a superior and easy consumer experience & satisfaction. 

6. Increase Dwell Time

Visuals are highly engaging and interactive and having them on your eCommerce website will help users to engage and spend more time on your platform. 

Dwell time is the average time a user spends on a website and it is a key metric that decides the search engine results page (SERP) ranking for any website. 

Higher and longer engagement with the visual will increase the average dwell time and this is positively related to conversions for eCommerce platforms. 

So, visuals will have both marketing and selling advantages for the eCommerce platforms.


With the growing influence of social media on the audience, the visual content consumption is also rising among the users. Visuals are immensely delightful and provide gratification to the users.

These aspects demand the integration of visuals with eCommerce for effective marketing strategies and enhanced returns on investments. 

It is evident that visuals are effective in influencing consumers’ online shopping behavior. And the future calls for the eCommerce to successfully and resourcefully your visual marketing and amplify sales & revenue.

Author Bio

I’m Alice Herman and I’m a digital marketer and technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

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