Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Voilà! The Best Solution For All Tech Repair Business

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Have you ever tried to start a repair business but was wondering about managing the job aspects?

The BlogProcess team has tested Voilà a fully integrated software platform, that works as managing business operations for computer & mobile devices repair businesses.

The platform can be described as a complete SAAS for repair businesses to manage everything from schedules to parts inventory. Imagine that you have a new client that want a quote for fixing his iPhone screen, the system allows you to check for the inventory of one of your location (if you have more than one shop for example), when you use a screen for an order, the system removes that screen automatically from the inventory.
When you will use Voilà, you will have a system that will reduce your work time by almost the half as it takes care of every step.  The scheduling and managing tasks of every new business always require the help of a full-time employee but with voilà functionalities will help you with that!

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The system main features are:
– Fully integrated system,
– Part Inventory Managment: Provides a simple way to maintain an accurate record of all parts process.
– Location based Management, where you can manage each section using location,
– Manage clients, quotes, invoices and orders,
– Employee management,
– Tasks and Workloads: The dashboard and system will prepare your employees/RepairMen to use the system in no time,
– A detailed reporting system: Customize reports based on the data that matters most to your business.
– Categorized system, Vendors and Arrivals time management,
– Roles and activities log management.

We used the system for almost two days and  the task flow is very easy and each feature is well done. And if you are going to start your repair business the next logic step is to install and start using Voilà.

That’s why the BlogProcess team is rating Voilà with 5 stars and recommend it to every entrepreneur.

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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
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