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What it Takes to Sell Crafts Online – A Reality Check

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Over the last few years Etsy has exploded in popularity as story after story of success spreads like wildfire across the internet. You may ever remember and interview one year ago with a seller who was making $60,000 a month on the platform, but that was just one person. I’d like to shed a little light on what it really takes to sell on Etsy and be successful at it.

Hi! I’m Dani, the CEO of the Handmade Seller magazine and the biggest obstacle I face when training new sellers is changing the misconception that selling on Etsy isn’t a real business. Believe me, it is. Selling online is no different than selling in a brick and motor store. The distinction is the marketing tactics that you employ. You can’t market and online store the same way that you market a physical one.

Let me start by explaining a little bit more about Etsy for those who are unfamiliar with it. Etsy is a website where anyone can open a virtual shop and sell handmade items, vintage products, or wholesale craft supplies. Millions shop on Etsy which makes it a great place to get exposure for your things without going through the hassle of building your own website trying to send buyers to it on your own. Due to the low investment of opening up a shop on Etsy, many think that it’s a quick, easy, and cheap way to make extra money. This is the misconception I was referring to earlier.

It isn’t all sunshine and roses selling on Etsy and our goal at the Handmade Seller magazine is to help people understand and implement all the steps of being successful online. Thanks to their popularity, Etsy now has nearly 2 million sellers on their site which means that the competition has gotten fierce. It’s no longer as simple as listing products and watching the sales come in. Sellers now have to implement good marketing techniques in order to rise above the competition. Otherwise their shop goes stagnant and stays at the bottom of the search ages with new views.

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3 Key Areas to Focus on If You Want to Be a Successful Seller on Etsy

  1. Photos: With millions of products on Etsy, your photos have to “stand out among the crowd.” Shoppers can’t see, touch, feel, or smell your items in person which means that they are completely relying on your pictures. If someone else has a worse product but better photos, they will get the sale. It’s imperative that you make the effort to get attractive and appealing photos that stimulate the senses and emotions of buyers.
  2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the next thing to focus on. When shoppers search for terms related to your product such as “Yellow Bowtie,” the site has no way of knowing whether your product is a yellow bowtie unless you put that term in your title and tags. You should have as many relevant keywords as possible in your titles/tags, but they must be terms that people actually search for. You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool to find popular terms.
  3. Product Category: Believe it or not, listing a bunch of random items in your shop is a bad idea. Having 10 items in the same product category, such as purses, is better than having 20 items in all different categories. Why? Because you have no one to target and market to if you have all different items. Imagine marketing to moms and trying to sell them on your baby blanket, but when they go to your shop they see 19 other items that aren’t baby blankets. This does not make you look like the “best baby blanket maker” in the country and it causes them to leave your shop because they don’t have time to sift through all of your listings to find the one thing you promoted to them.


At the Handmade Seller magazine we take our readers step-by-step through every important topic such as SEO, photography, marketing, business biographies, and much more. The goal is to show you every aspect of selling crafts online and help you be successful right away rather than floundering around online for 6 months with no sales.
Try our free sample and see how you like it!

Dani Marie
CEO & Founder
Handmade Seller Magazine


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