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Why A Glass Top Dining Table Is the Best Option for You?

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A dining table is a gathering point for families and a central point of the home. Home décor is an art and there is more to art than just following trends. It’s not just the food, a table decked perfectly for the dinner can make a lasting impression on your guests.  Moreover, these glass top tables can open up your windows of creativity, bringing out the aesthetic excellence in you. Here are the 5 reasons that would bolster your rationale to buy a glass top dining table.

  1. Transparency

Modern glass tops come in a variety of colors. You can choose a transparent or an opaque black glass. However, the transparent nature of glass top dining tables creates an illusion of depth and height, making the room appear and feel bigger than usual. Further, it is reflective making your dining room look bright. It also makes your dining room feel airy and less congested.

  1. Versatility

Glass top not only looks classic in vintage homes with traditional settings but also boosts the overall ambiance of contemporary houses. You can even customize your design. You can use a glass of abstract shapes as well. Abstract glass top tables are eclectic and modern. There are several companies who specialize in customization of glass top tables at very affordable rates like Sydney mirrors. The versatility of glass top dining tables makes them a perfect option to be kept in the interior of various types of home décor.

  1. Protective Shield

Modern versions of glass dining tables are made with tempered safety glass which can resist scratches and won’t wreck when knocked.  Further, they are heat resistant. Wood tabletops are sensitive to heat. Hot cookware or even a hot cup of coffee can damage the furniture and mar its look. Therefore, a glass top can be added in order to shield the wooden table underneath. If you are going for a ‘Do It Yourself’ wooden table using an old door or second-hand table, simply using a glass top would give it a great finish as well as a polished look.

  1. Low-Maintenance
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If you have a hectic schedule, entertaining guests would be a tough job on your part. The primacy of order and cleanliness are paramount to receive a guest. If you want to save your time on cleaning, you must go for glass top tables as they don’t command much time for maintenance. You can simply wipe it clean with a wet cloth when dirty. Moreover, you can be carefree about stains. Glass top tables are pretty cool for families with children. You don’t have to worry if your tiny tot is marking anything on the table with a paint unwittingly.

  1. The Highlighting Power

You don’t buy something which will be a mere show-off for a year, and then throw

it out. If you are going to get one, there are several factors to look out for. A sturdy furniture should be your priority. However, many people prefer art and designs on the furniture. So, if you are one of those who is keen to highlight your gorgeously designed base, a transparent glass top is definitely for you. The glass would not divert the attention away from the base. Rather, it would make it stand out.


Expensive tiles are a big investment. Glass top dining tables are cheaper, but still they can be the showstopper for your guests. They can feast their eyes on a glass top table that is outstandingly ethereal even when beautiful mosaic, wall paintings, and other bulkier furniture are surrounding it. So, it’s time to give your dining room a classy and chic look with a glass dining table.

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