Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Why do I Have a Few Clients & Extremely Creative Projects?

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Hello, I am AJ Deroy from Swan Whispers Public Relations, a family owned digital marketing company. Sometimes people wonder why I choose a few clients & over the top creativity. That is because I never got into my field to be bossed around.

I have attached two photos. One is an Amazon author I work with named Basil Boultbee, the other is Diana Skye my business partner & former client, oh yeah & my spiritual sister from our family’s faith. What have I learned from them?

Diana Skye

I learned you have to give people a lot of faith. In my field, something I will not give people a lot of on a regular basis. However, a lot of people who work with you are not dead bent on destroying your business. Eventually even in seeking promoters I found people to work with whom I could keep going back to. Why are we obsessed with freak displays of skill?

Basil Boultbee

I have a learning disability. In order for me to do anything right, I have to grind it until it is second nature. So why would I expect other outsourcers to have magical skills I do not even have? That can be the nature of the buyer seller relationship in Marketing.

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What do I want long term from running my business? I get asked this a lot and my answer is I want to work with my friends, make a lot of money & be involved in politics as a campaign manager. These are hard goals, but i will grind away at them until I chip away at them & they become achievable. Personally I never imagined I would be featured on such a cool tech blog 3 times. However that is how often I have had the privilege to share stories with the Blog Process community.

Now I get people contacting me like I am a subject matter expert on topics like. Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, autism & science. I actually had to upgrade my reading materials to be able to accommodate some of them. So just don’t be afraid you don’t know what you are doing! Low key, no one has any clue what they are doing either. We learn as we go along.

Some stuff I want you to take away from reading this? This is going to culture shock you but this is how my brain works. Why did I start a business? So I could look for exceptional people who need to be taught their skills. Why am I always so nice & genuine? That is my learning disability. Being mean & angry is a learned behavior. I really prefer to help people & just be myself. I have found with this, I have been able to build a much happier career & lifestyle.

I want to wrap up here by saying, some of you marketers need to remember you are artists & people. You have been sitting on your computers too long & you forgot about your feelings. Please start embracing the presence of your colleagues friends & family again with excitement. Just because we are tech entrepreneurs does not mean we were meant to be mean. Thank you Blog Process for allowing me to share my thoughts on why I have to coolest clients.

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