Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Why Glow Medispa is Optimistic About the EMSCULPT Procedure

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EMSCULPT is a new and revolutionary device to help the people of Seattle build muscle mass and sculpt their bodies. Glow Medispa is optimistic about the EMSCULPT procedure and expects it to revolutionize the field. The EMSCULPT treatment is safe and effective, producing solid results in patients and helping them achieve their goal of a healthy, toned body. 

EMSCULPT is non-invasive and has very few side effects. This article explains the uses of this device and examines safety concerns as well as the side effects and any downtime needed afterward. 

Sending targeted electromagnetic waves into the muscle tissue, the EMSCULPT device produces incredibly strong contractions which tone the muscle quickly and effectively. It is a great way to enhance the abdominal muscles as well as the buttocks. The treatment also helps to burn body fat. 


Two paddles are applied to the stomach or buttocks. The device emits strong electromagnetic waves which force intense muscle contractions. These contractions are the equivalent of doing 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes. This technology leads to toned muscles and a more streamlined look. 

The treatment results in a 16% average increase in muscle while decreasing fat by 19%. These outstanding results make EMSCULPT an exciting new addition to aesthetic medicine. 

Course of Treatment

EMSCULPT requires four sessions of 30 minutes each. Generally, patients have two sessions a week for two weeks. The effect on fat is permanent: once you destroy a fat cell, it cannot regrow. Although the muscle tone has been shown to persist for at least 3 months, the muscle effects are not permanent, and if you stop doing the treatments without implementing an alternative exercise routine, the toning will not persist. Patients should be prepared to maintain their new muscle tone with regular exercise.

Candidates for the Procedure

Anyone can use EMSCULPT except those with certain health conditions. It is a safe and effective procedure which helps to burn fat and increase muscle tone. 

Since this device works with strong electromagnetic waves, it is contraindicated for anyone with metal or electronics (such as pacemakers and replacement joints) in the body. It is also unsafe to use during pregnancy. 

Safety and Side Effects

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FDA approved for muscle toning, EMSCULPT is a safe procedure. The muscle contractions may feel strange or uncomfortable, but they should not be painful. The primary side effect is that the patient may experience muscle soreness the next day, similar to a strenuous workout. This soreness should abate over time as the muscles strengthen. 

Patients can return to work or school directly after undergoing EMSCULPT. No downtime is necessary. This is a significant advantage over more invasive procedures. 

Is It Worth the Cost?

While the treatment is not inexpensive, it provides an amazing shortcut to firm muscle tone. Before EMSCULPT, patients needed to do months or years worth of strenuous exercise to achieve the same toning effect. EMSCULPT gives patients a head start on a toned, healthy body. It also burns fat. The treatment is definitely worth the money when the cost is weighed against the time it would take to achieve these results using exercise alone.


When considering an aesthetic procedure like EMSCULPT, patients should carefully weigh the risks and benefits. With very few risks and solid benefits, EMSCULPT is a good investment in the appearance of your body. This new procedure has made its mark in the world of aesthetic medicine.

While some people in Seattle may be skeptical about the benefits of EMSCULPT, patients report complete satisfaction with their experience. They will enjoy a toned and slimmer body within only a few weeks of the first treatment. Glow Medispa, is just one of the many EMSCULPT providers who are excited about the results they’ve seen.

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