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Want to share your creative ideas with the world?

The best way now is to start a blog. Within ten to fifteen minutes you can be able to run your blog successfully, provided you have taken the right steps. You will get various options for your blog but self-hosting with the right platform is best.

The simplest and yet the most popular blogging software is WordPress and that’s why it hosts more than 25% websites running successfully worldwide. However, in order to host your blog, you will require a hosting package. Want to know about it? Read on.


How to purchase hosting and which is best?

 The first step for starting your blog is hosting your WordPress in your hosting account. Your website will not be live without hosting it and thus you need a hosting account.

The hosting account will be like a home for your website. Just the way you keep everything arranged in your home for use when needed, the files will be stored in the hosting account. When the website will be run the hosting account will support them all. When you have a good hosting account you can have full control over the content, you can advertise, and above all your website is safe. Thus, to host your WordPress blog you will require hosting and the best available provider is Hostgator.

The question that arises now is what makes it the best?

  • Hostgator is easy to use and affordable at the same time. It comes with a phenomenal Quick Install facility. It is also easy to look at the backend. It offers a one-click restore.
  • It’s reviewed and listed as one of the Top WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers.
  • It offers great technical support for all website hosts and provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • It gives you the opportunity for free migration, thus you do not stick to a single website. You can have multiple URLs and use them without changing the
  • It has multiple plans to choose from and you can use one that is best for your use. Do not have to pay extra.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Hostgator provides a user experience that makes you a loyal Hostgator user always. You can compare it with other service providers and understand the difference. You not only get unlimited email addresses and storage, but get super-fast loading of your WordPress site due to low-density servers and supercharged cloud architecture.

The next important thing is choosing the right domain name.

How to choose and register a domain name?

When you wish to set up a WordPress blog you will require a domain name. It is not unknown now that domain name is the identity of your website in the web world. Thus, it is very important that you choose the right domain name for your website. It should be such that it explains the user about what can they expect from the blog. Like, if you are writing a blog on photography, the domain name can be creative or something like that and not anything else that does not have any connection with photography.

Now that you have an idea about which domain will be best for your blog, it’s time to choose and get the domain name registered. You have to follow a few steps for getting the domain name registered.

The first thing to do, is to visit the HostGator website by clicking here or on the following banner.

Step 1. Choose a domain

This is the first step where you can register a new domain name. You can choose a domain name and in case you are buying only a hosting plan and have a domain name ready, then click on “I already own this domain.”

You must ensure that you have kept Domain Privacy protection checked. With it you will be able to mask your domain information.

Step 2. Enter user name

In this step, you have to enter your user name and create the account. You will also have to provide a password. This password will be required for managing the hosting account.

Step 3. Enter billing information

You have to provide your billing information. You do not have to worry about data security, it is totally secured.

Step 4. Need any add on services?

This step will ask you for any add on services that you require. You can check them after checking out their features.

Step 5. Final step

If you have any coupon code like “HMHOSTOFF” you can enter it there to get a 20% extra discount.

Click on terms and conditions and by agreeing to them you enter the web world with your new domain name.

Installing WordPress

Once done with choosing the domain name and having your hosting account with Hostgator its time to install WordPress, the most popular blogging platform. Once done you are ready with your blog and start writing and sharing your ideas with the world.

The following steps will help you do that.

  • Once the purchases are made Hostgator will send you an email where they will mention your cPanel username and password. With the help of cPanel, you will be able to manage your web hosting. It is a unique link only for you thus have it bookmarked.
  • After logging in cPanel click on Quick Install icon. You will find there “Install WordPress for free”
  • Click on the link and then fill the form with details required.

You have to fill in the basic information like the admin email id, the blog title, and others and then click on Install now!

Getting things done

You are ready to use the most popular blogging platform with the most reliable hosting. Now it’s time to be creative and share your thoughts. If you wish you can get different themes for making your blog look attractive. You can get many themes by visiting ThemeForest.

So when you are ready to start blogging you can get some more ideas of it online from our blogging section. Remember that there are always options for customization and you can do them anytime you require. Be creative and follow the rule that “content is King,” Hostgator will take care of hosting issues.

Disclosure: I earn a commission from HostGator if you use my referral link to make a purchase. Thanks for your support.