Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Why Technology is Transforming Dental Care

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Technological changes have just about transformed every aspect of daily life, from how you shop and travel, to how you take care of your health. While you might be aware of advances in surgery and hospitals, the field of dental care has also quietly been taking advantage of the latest tech, to help deliver better service.

Here are a few ways that your regular visit to the dentist’s chair have been polished up with advances in technology:

A growth in digital x-rays

X-rays are a pretty everyday experience during a trip to the dentist, but in recent years, you might have noticed a change in how these are carried out. Digital x-rays have become the standard, and there’s a good reason why.

Digital x-rays provide a faster and safer result for patients, with quick, high-resolution imagery delivered quickly to a dentist’s computer, helping them to identify issues much more easily. It also reduces the level of radiation that patients may be exposed to, cutting down on any harmful risks.

3-D modeling and design

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Computer-Aided Design, or CAD, might be something more commonly associated with architecture and design, but those same tools are now being applied to your dental care. CAD tools are becoming the preferred way to create effective and faithful dental molds of patients’ teeth, where 3D printing technology is combined with great imaging.

One of the best advantages of this is that patients may no longer need to suffer for agonizingly long periods in the dental chair, as this process takes out the need for temporary crowns and makes treatment a lot quicker.

A greater range of home equipment

Dental care technology has expanded beyond the dentist’s practice and into the home. While millions of people use an electric toothbrush instead of a manual one, you can now also find a wider range of home care tools and devices to maintain a good dental care routine. Online suppliers can offer some great deals, where you can find an effective dental ultrasonic scaler for example, and make it easier than ever to take care of your dental health in-between visits.

Laser dentistry

The laser is another big technological development taking the dental world by storm, due to the effectiveness, accuracy, and speed it offers. You might already have come across services such as laser teeth whitening and gum reshaping. But laser goes beyond cosmetic applications, and you can find it being used to identify and manage tooth decay more promptly. It can also help reduce discomfort during treatment, by reducing blood loss and pain during surgery, and potentially taking away the need for anesthesia.

As technology continues to advance across the spectrum, you can expect to see it shape all areas of healthcare, including dental care even more. If you’re looking for ways to improve your dental hygiene, keep an eye on the latest developments out there to make sure that you have the very best tools and equipment around, for optimum dental health.

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