Monday, July 4, 2022

Wireless home security systems for renters

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Homeowners always tend to protect their properties, but renters forget that they can be subject to the same security problems too.
With 36.9% of the household are renters, and homes without security systems are 300% more likely to be broken, the possibility of being a burglary victim is really high. Thefts only need minutes and a burglar’s selection process is very simple: they choose homes that aren’t protected. Everyday, nearly 4,457 homes get broken into (about one every 15.4 seconds).

People think that the police can help them prevent this kind of security problems, but stats shows that 13% of these operations are resolved by the officers which let the victims suffers an average cost 1725$. While a simple security system can cost less and avoid the pain everyone suffers after a burglary.

But how a renter’s home can be secured?
The answer will be to use a portable home security system provided by a market leader.
HomeDEFENDER provides a simple solution once up and running, you will get an advanced system that fits your needs and works on a wireless basis to provide safety and peace of mind no matter where you may be.
Whether you live alone, with family, or friends, your home safety is an ongoing matter, and HomeDEFENDER is the right solution to secure it.

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More info are available on this infographic made by HomeDEFENDER:

Click on the image to see the original file

Also, don’t forget to check HomeDEFENDER site at , to know the right way to secure your home.

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