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Yes! You Too Can Be a Successful Sales Person

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Being a salesperson was always a challenging task and it is becoming more challenging every day, due to the radically changing market. Now, the buyers are the boss and they are commanding the whole market. People are seeking information and reviews from other customers because they trust the co-buyers more than the sales representative. In this situation, the sales persons need to develop some qualities to find an edge over the other salespersons.

If you are an existing sales person you can see this is a guide to improve your existing skills. And, if you are a fresh graduate seeking a job in sales industry you can take this article as your first guide to the industry. And, as a bonus, you can also check out some graduate sales jobs listed by Meta-Morphose to launch your career with a bang.    

Understand Your Buyers’ Persona – As you already know the market is growing intensively customer-centric. So, the first step towards being a successful salesperson is to understand your buyers. If you can’t make out what the buyers’ actually expects from the product you want to sell you won’t be able to attract them.

Be a good listener – You must have worked hard on your spoken skills because you need to represent products and companies. But mastering the skills of listening is as important as honing your speaking skills. A salesperson needs to listen to the customer very carefully to understand the customer’s expectations.

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Don’t treat customers as a bulk – You’ll have to deal with products in bulk amounts such as batches and lot. But, don’t apply this theory while dealing with the customers. Each individual is different from each other and so each of them needs to be treated differently. Always remember while dealing with customers they are live human beings not the bulk of non-living products.

Know your limitations – As a salesperson, you might think it is your duty to keep every customer happy and theoretically it indeed is your duty. But, practically you cannot make every single of your customers happy. Some of the customers are just impossible; no one can make them happy. Agree on your limitation to make everybody happy and focus your energy and skills on those whom you can please. And, let the others slip to some other representatives.

Develop the formula for success – Yes, nobody but you can develop the formula for your success. The biggest mistake sales person do is working based on their instinct only. You can manage to touch your target sales by hit and trial methods. But, if you wish to be a great salesperson you need to develop a formula by learning from your experiences and keep it updating with market demands. Keep a record of tips and techniques you use to connect with customers and the success percent of those techniques. This will give you an insight into the success and failure rate of each technique. And you will eventually have your formula for success.

Promise less and deliver more – Under-promising and over-delivering are becoming the norm for successful companies as well as the salesperson. When you over-promise your clients you increase their expectations as well as the stumble stones for you. When you under-promise and over-deliver tactically you give yourself a chance to be admired by the clients. Happy clients are always the returning clients so don’t miss a single chance to make them happy.

Use Psychological techniques to handle customers – Knowledge of psychology is must if you are going in public dealing profession like sales. As soon as you meet your customer you should have an idea what psychological techniques can work on the person standing in front of you. If your prospective client is someone who is very much concerned about the time you can prove yourself best by presenting the perfect model of the product. But, there are some who won’t pick a toothbrush without seeing a dozen of them. For those clients start with the least good product and let them keep saying ‘No’. After a few trials bring the best product and the customer will jump in with YES.

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Develop a relationship of trust with your clients – The reason traditional salespersons are seen with suspicion by the buyers because they didn’t develop a relationship of trust. Obviously, you get paid for making sales but you cannot keep it doing for long if you try to cheat customers with false information. Your motto should be to help customers and build a trustworthy relationship with them.

Use these tips in addition to your learned experiences and success will be all yours!

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