Sunday, July 3, 2022

You are looking for a global Social Network?

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Most Social Networks promise to allow you to be close with all your connections, either friends like Facebook, Colleagues like LinkedIn, Fans like Youtube or Twitter or either the most specific ones, but what if one Social Media platform can even do more than what other promise?

And yes your read me right, SkiveCore is a one place platform for literally everything you want to see, to meet or to do online, your videos, your blogs, your tweets, the world’s new and all your friends, colleagues and fans collected together to the ease of yours.
SkiveCore is  really a unique platform compared to other social medias, as they offer a wide variety of features that others don’t. And they are users oriented service, just send them in a message with what you’d like to see in a social network and they will add it to a list of our future projects and you will see it live very soon (They have even implanted a tax calculator). Trust me, they are very reachable.

You are maybe familiar with the Wall of Facebook or the Timeline of Twitter but SkiveCore presents us their similar tool called “The stream”, a simple solution to use that will allow every user to post statuses to let friends, family, followers, and fans know what your thinking, what you love or what you hate.

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So if you want to see all your connections and interests in one place and have the ability to track and use everything easily and with an intuitive process, don’t hesitate to register by visiting

Make sure to visit our stream and share with us what do you think about SkiveCore, because BlogProcess team members are already there.

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Sara Revonia
Sara Revonia
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