Wednesday, July 6, 2022

You Medical Care Professional in Your Phone

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TrueCare24, the revolutionary mobile application connects every one of us to an Urgent Care clinician team who are available for instant CHAT/PHONE consultation (for all California residents) or can visit the patient at home or even at his/her workplace (San-Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley) in 60 minutes or less.

The app is easy to use and you can get your Medical Agent at your door by following 3 steps:
1- Search and Book from a very wide list.
2- Provider calls you  for some questions to know more about your condition
3- Get a diagnosis, treatment, and prescription even by phone or after the local visit to your place.

The service provided by TrueCare24 is guaranteed by top medical agents who have years of experience working in emergency rooms and are completely licensed to practice urgent care. And you can get all these benefits by choosing one of these models:
1- A subscription plan where you pay a small monthly fee of 15$/mo for a 99$ per house call.
2- A single Visit plan where you pay 199$ per house call.

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TrueCare24’s vision is to make care accessible and convenient care for all and after testing them, we can assure you that they managed to respect this statement.

You can visit the Application web page or download it directly from the Apple App Store

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