As many of you know, this blog has been dedicated to providing the best solution to make money from blogging. And it is hard to believe we have been at this for nearly 4 years now.

Up until now, this blog has been branded to help everybody in building their blogs and making money from the internet. While I am not abandoning this niche, a rebranding of this blog has been overdue!

GP2B out grew its niche over years. Every week I was receiving email inquiries from bloggers asking if I was able to help them in their blogs and not only on how to make money. I missed opportunities to interview some of the biggest bloggers in the world, because I didn’t saw how this can be related to our niche… So I saw this as a growing problem.

In the beggining, I decided that I would just place this problem on the shelf, but I continued to see it as something I was going to need to do. But to be honest, fear has been one the biggest contributor to not making the switch earlier.

So What Will BlogProcess Be All About?

First of all, I am not abandoning the Money making advice that I offer on a regular basis. If anything, you will get more resources to help you discover the blogging world. Here is a short list of what you will get from this blog in the days ahead:

– Bloggers interviews.
– More SEO and backlinking technics.
– More stories from other bloggers who managed to success with their blogs even if they are not making money from them.
– Advices for companies to make more sales from their blogs or how to start blogging for support or for sales.
– Personal/business Branding Online.
– Giving the ability to other bloggers to post on BlogProcess.

Final Thoughts

I hope you can feel the excitement and passion that I have for the days ahead. Consider adding us on your RSS feed or our new twitter handler (@BlogProcess) so you can get a daily snapshot of the new content, resources, and tutorials that we have planned for you.
The new blog URL is: