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How to Make a Living As a Travelling Nomad Blogger?

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In today’s world, blogging has become one of the most effective ways to start your own business and make a living. Many people have turned their passion for blogging into a profession by following the principles of blogging. But first, what is blogging anyway?

Well, blogging is the abbreviation of the word “weblog”. The latter allows its users to log in and share their interests and daily experiences with others. Some bloggers entered the world of blogging for the sake of entertainment only. Others, on the other hand, started it as a job. The content of blogs differs significantly. One of which is a travel blog.

If your purpose is making money from travel blogging, then this article is for you.

Freelance Writing

During your first years of blogging, try to look for online publications and use your writing skills. Start with freelance wring roles. This will help you get a reasonable amount of money. Most importantly, you will accumulate more experience to make you ready for what is coming in the future.

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To add advertisements to your free-of-charge site is a perfect way to earn money. You may be unsure and, perhaps, scared of whether your people will stop reading your writing because of the adverts. Maybe they will be bothered. However, adding ads to your free site will help you financially, and motivate you to keep writing on your free site. It is important to mention that being self-hosted will give you more control over your blog.

There are various ways to advertise on your blog.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts, also known as adversarial, are becoming a very well-known way to make money from travel blogging. In general, sponsored contents are publications that are published to promote a brand to get an economic benefit in return.


Mediavine aids you greatly in managing the whole process of selling ads, making sure that your ads appear rightly, and managing the relationship with advertisers, and others. Once you sign up to Mediavine and start creating content for your readers, Mediavine will deal with everything else and send you your money at the end of every month.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are put in high-traffic locations on web pages to catch the readers’  attention and make them curious to know more about what is being advertised. Usually, banner ads don’t contain long texts. Instead, they convey a message through images and multimedia. To earn money through banner ads, all you have to do is sign up with a display network. The latter connects you with advertisers by providing a script that displays ads automatically. Then, you get paid for each click on the ad that comes from the website.

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Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission by promoting another retailer or advertiser’s product or service. You can start affiliate marketing by sharing a given product or a service on your blog. Then, you will make money each time a buyer purchases through the link shared by you. Below are some networks that you can use:




Paid Press Trips

Paid press trips are a strategy that a specific city, state, or country uses to get positive publicity. The organizers invest time and money to bring photographers, journalists, influencers, bloggers, and others to refresh the tourism sector. The participants are expected to sell their stories, images, or write about their experience with the destination.


Another way of earning extra money is selling photos online. While you are sitting on a beach looking at the sunset, consider taking some astonishing pictures and selling them. Many strategies can be followed to sell your travel photos. One of which is to sign up to an online network, upload your best photos and money will come. You can also create a shop using your website and make your images purchasable.


Blogging needs you to be sociable and easy to talk with. It is not sitting and writing only, but it contains going to events, emailing PR companies, and engaging with brands on social media. It is highly essential to stay active on social media and choose the right time to post. Remember to be active with your followers by perpetually responding to their comments.

Create Your Products

Developing your industry is the most successful business that you can ever start. Be creative, find out your skills, and give them a try. It is important, though, to have a reasonable audience before creating a product.

A great and simple idea is to send handwritten cards to fans from places you visit. People love to keep this kind of souvenir and some followers may pay a lot if you are visiting some rare places around the planet. So make sure to make it clear and do some efforts to have unique letters.

Become A Public Speaker

Public speaking will help you make more money, spread awareness, develop yourself, and be more courageous by speaking to a large audience.

Last Words

Nothing comes by chance or good luck. You need to work hard. Maybe you will fail at first, but remember to be a successful blogger you need patience and time. If you want to earn money through blogging, you need to do your best. You must get good traffic, have a decent number of followers, and have massive commitment and engagement.

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