Media Temple is launching a new enterprise WordPress solution

Media Temple, the leading hosting company owned by GoDaddy, launched a new enterprise-grade WordPress hosting solution today and hosting the new-brand service on AWS. The company knowing for its advanced WordPress Hosting...

Namecheap is launching a Premium DNS service

Namecheap customers can, starting today, get access to the new Premium DNS service by logging into their control panel. With the rise of DDoS attacks using a high-quality DNS hosting provider is very important to...

How to choose the best domain for your blog

Despite there being so many blogs, thousands new get started everyday. This is not surprising really, as blog posting has become a good way to make money from internet these days....

How Can Your Purchase A Good Domain For Less

Are you having a hard time by getting the right domain name for your site? Well, you are not alone with this. This is for the reason that there had been a...

What to do to get your domain name back

The most horrible thing has happened, you have forgotten to renew your domain name and it has gone into the 45 day limbo period.  So what can you do to make sure...

Things to do if your domain name happens to be already taken

When anyone that has done any kind of business on the Internet they have most likely gone through the frustrating process of trying to find a domain name that has not...

Do you Really Need A Large Bandwidth for Your Site?

Bandwidth is used to measure the volume of data transmitted on an Internet connection. You need to know the amount of bandwidth you need when choosing webhost plans. Be wary when...

How is Bandwidth Stolen?

Files that are loaded to or from servers make use of internet bandwidth to push files along the network at various speeds. Every time you upload a file to your ISP,...

Fake Dynadot Abuse Emails Alert

We have recently become aware of fake abuse notifications being sent out to some Dynadot's customers. The abuse e-mail looks like it's being sent from Dynadot abuse email address. But this message...

Top 10 Highest Domain Name Sales in 2014 by Sedo

Sedo, one of  the largest domain marketplace announced lately its list of the highest-valued public domain sales in 2014. And even with the introduction of the new gTLDs, dotCOM domains are...