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Why Are People Moving Today? Real Estate Specialist Andrew Shader Explains Why People Move Homes

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Though moving can be a hassle, there are some very understandable reasons why individuals and families make the decision to go through it. In this article, Andrew Shader communicates the specific reasons why people move homes and the benefits they can receive from the process. 

Between finding the right home to move to, going through the purchase process, and replanting your roots in a new place, it can be difficult to focus on the positive aspects of moving. In fact, it can be hard to understand why people want to move at all, especially when the housing market is as up and down as it’s been over the past several years. 

They Want to Live Closer to Family, Friends, and Opportunities

A need for a location change is often one of the biggest catalysts for a home move. A recent United Van Lines survey of customers found that around 32% of people who moved using their company did so to be closer to their loved ones. 

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For some people, proximity to family might be a primary motivator for moving. For others, it might be the desire to live nearby cherished friends or even put themselves in the running for professional opportunities that didn’t exist in their previous location. 

The bottom line is, the hassle and expense of moving can be worth it if there’s something better waiting for you in a new location.

They Need More or Less Space

Some people who move houses aren’t necessarily trying to uproot their life and settle down in a new town or city. Sometimes, moving is necessary simply because you’ve outgrown your previous home and need more space to spread out, or the opposite has happened and you no longer need the space you had before. 

Needing more space is often the case for growing families. However, some homeowners simply desire a larger plot of land in order to better tailor their home to their needs, and some no longer need the space they have and would rather pay a lower mortgage on a home that better suits them.

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They Want to Make a Better Investment

It’s common knowledge that real estate is one of the wisest investments you can make. Though the housing market is bound to fluctuate, the land will always have value. This means that no matter how long you own your home, its value will at least plateau if not appreciated over time. 

Some homeowners are more focused on the investment aspect of their homes than others, and those who want to have a greater return on investment one day (whether through selling their home or leaving it to a loved one) may move to a home that has more value. 

Experienced Advice from Andrew Shader

Though he started out as an entrepreneur in the insurance world, Andrew Shader discovered a deep passion for real estate and became a successful investor and developer in the field. He is based in Fort Lauderdale and helps clients add value to their properties in order to get the best deal on a purchase or the best price on a sale.

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