How to Allow Contributors to Upload Images in WordPress

Let's say you have a blog that accepts posts from the general public. You allow people to sign up, write their posts in the WordPress editor, and then send them to...

Should You Curse In Your Blog Posts?

While many assume cursing in your blog posts is unprofessional, professionalism is a subjective concept. Cursing may help set the tone for some blogs. Should I Curse On My Online Blog Posts? One...

You Know, Moving Home Needn’t Disrupt The Progress Of Your Blogging Business

In your life as a professional blogger, it’s inevitable that you will encounter a few obstacles from time to time. Frankly, they don’t come much bigger than moving home. Even if...

Getting Your Blog Noticed In Five Simple Steps

Launching a new blog is an incredibly easy thing to do. After all, all you need is an account on a blogging website, a catchy name, and a few posts to...

How To Get Your Video Gaming Blog Off The Ground

Starting a gaming blog can be a great way to do what you love and make some money doing so. Here are some tips to get started. Getting The Blog Set Up...

The Beginners Guide to Different Kinds of WordPress Hosting

Usually neglected, Wordpress Hosting is one of the prime elements of each & every profitable website. And, choosing the finest Wordpress Hosting for your nature of business website will definitely improve...

Bring Your Blog Back To The Top

Maintaining a blog is so much harder than people realize, especially when you want to start making money from it. A lot more goes into it than just sitting down and...

Which Language Should Your Write Your Blog In?

If you’re trying to start up your own blog but English is your second language, you’re going to run into problems. Lots of people in your situation don’t know whether to...

How to Transfer From Blogger to WordPress In 6 Super Easy Steps

Blogger is a great tool for beginners, but once a blogger starts to realise the perks of having full control over their content, then WordPress becomes the next best option. There...

7 Daily Habits to Boost Bloggers Productivity

All of us have habits that distinguish us from each other. Some of these habits are good while some are bad. To put it in other word, there are habits that...
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