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The Best Cities to Check Out in Arkansas

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Arkansas is one of the best-kept secrets in this country.  Not only is it home to permanent affordable housing, but there’s a laid-back style of living that’s hard to replicate anywhere else.

These are the best cities to check out in Arkansas and why they’re a dream come true! 

Hot Springs

Tucked into the Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs is an incredible resort city that would leave anyone feeling cleansed and renewed.  Best known for its astonishing art deco and neoclassical architecture, its bathhouses are still as soothing as they were when they first opened in the 1800s.  

Visiting Hot Springs gives you the opportunity to feel a little more connected with nature and a lot more relaxed.

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Petit Jean State Park

If you want an escape that feels like you’re walking as far into nature as possible, it’s time to visit the gorgeous Petit Jean State Park.  This awesome park, found in northern Arkansas, offers endless beautiful scenery, fantastic trails, and incredible waterfalls that pull in visitors from around the world to take it in.

Although it was named after a woman who tragically died in the park, it’s taken on a mysterious and gorgeous atmosphere that can be thrilling to anyone who visits.


At home in the northwest region of Arkansas, Bentonville is possibly best known as being the birthplace of Walmart, the biggest retailer on Earth.  Thanks to Walmart’s success, this area has turned into a booming city with tons of companies and job opportunities for anyone.  This keeps things fun and exciting while also giving you a chance to enjoy the countless classic and small-town feeling businesses.  Beyonville is the perfect mix of a big city and a small town.

Little Rock

Within moments of landing here, you’ll want to start looking at Little Rock houses for sale!  As the largest city in Arkansas, Little Rock gives everyone who visits a chance to explore and enjoy the countless attractions here.

Not only are there endless parks and galleries, but there are also numerous cultural centers and theaters!  Little Rock was a large part of the Civil Rights movement and continues to be one of the best places to visit in the state.

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Mount Magazine

Home to the highest peak in the state, this area is the most important part of Mount Magazine State Park and is incredibly popular with visitors and tourists.  Although the mountains are dazzling, there are countless lakes, rivers, and so much more that allow people to explore and feel at home here.

This area is pristine and fantastic year-round, with more recreational options than anywhere else in the state and a lot of fun options for lodging.  Although it’s expensive to live here, this is absolutely the best area in the state for anyone looking for a vacation.  You’ll never want to leave once you’ve visited Mount Magazine! 

Arkansas Is A Must-Visit State!

When you’re ready to make a big change, it’s time to check out Arkansas!  You’ll fall in love with this state in no time.

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