How Dental Offices Can Use SEO and Digital Marketing to Grow Business

All Americans will need dental care at some point in their lives, and many will rely on an online search to find an office near them. However, if your...

Cyrus Baseghi Shares How to Get Better With Making Sales

The primary objective of salespeople never changes. That's to make more sales, and increase skills while doing the job. The fantastic news for people is that there are many principles they...

Why Should Medical Facilities Engage in Digital Marketing?

Providing medical care in one way or another, from ancient incantations to current telehealth and advanced imaging, is among mankind’s oldest occupations. So it’s little wonder that medical facilities...

Influencer Marketing In A Nutshell

Influencer marketing has become a reckoning force in recent times with the growing popularity of social media platforms. Experts in the industry have observed that people are more open...

Creative Storytelling through Cinematography

Exploring the meaning of cinematic through the lens of camera… As per the Cambridge dictionary, cinematography means the art and methods of film photography. It clearly focuses...

CEO Neal Kwatra Discusses Managing Your Corporate Brand Through Social Media

All businesses need to establish a strong presence on social media, especially corporate brands. Seventy-eight percent of consumers admit that social media posts influence their buying decision. Social...

SMM for Beginners: How to Start Promoting Your Brand

Not too long ago, the internet was an activity. We’d come home from work or school, and spend maybe an hour or two gaming, catching up on news, or interacting with...

Healthcare Marketing Trends to Consider for 2020

With winter fast approaching and the end of the year right on its heels, there's no better time to start revamping your healthcare marketing strategy. After all, there are...

An Insight Into Geofence Marketing

One of the latest and probably popular marketing strategies of the time is Geofence Marketing. A specific and targeted digital marketing tool, this technology uses the location of the user to...

6 Digital Marketing Tactics To Get Quick Results For Small Businesses

Small businesses need to justify every single marketing expense they incur because they have limited budgets. Implementing a digital marketing strategy requires some investment which may be a concern for a small...
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