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Working With Designers: Tips for a Successful Collaboration

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Now that the competition between businesses keeps on getting higher and higher, you need to get a grip and equip your company with talented individuals. If you have a team of designers that can ensure well-designed and consistent visuals for your brand, you can be steps ahead of your competitors. Collaborating with designers can benefit you in so many ways. They can develop unique design ideas, provide you with amazing results, and improve your future tactics to fit the current trend. Admit it or not, with all the technical skills and talent, you cannot do it all on your own. Think twice because this is the part where you need to trust a team of designers to elevate your brand.

How to Have a Smooth Collaboration With Them

Any partnership needs to have a smooth relationship, and the way you interact with your team matters a lot. Learn how to have a smooth collaboration with your graphic designers by considering the following:

Communicate real-time

Communication is the key to a less-hassle collaboration. Since graphic designing is meticulous work, you need to speak and communicate in real-time to your designers about the plan, changes, adjustments, problems encountered, and possible revisions. If you’re working remotely, and manage a distributed team, a real-time video conference would do. By practicing real-time communication, you and your team can save time and increase their productivity. 

Utilize various design collaboration tools

There are lots of design collaboration tools out there that would fit perfectly for you and your designers. If you utilize tools such as Filestage, Visme, Asana, and more, you can ensure a unified and easy collaboration process within your team. These tools are very helpful and accessible, especially if you are working remotely. You can view, give feedback, modify, and render different designs your team wants to have. If you decide to work with a graphic design agency, they will gladly suggest tools to speed up the tasks and promote productivity. 

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Document a production sequence

A production sequence outlines and explains the processes that you and your team need to accomplish so you could finish a product. It states all the requirements, guidelines, timeline, and the actual methods or steps needed so that the quality won’t be compromised. A production sequence takes on formal documentation where each member can rely on if they have questions about the project. This is essential and a lot useful if you’re remotely working.

Ask for feedback

Feedback is essential if you want to improve and see things clearly from a different point of view. Every time you have an idea or progress about the project, you might want to ask for feedback from your designers on how and what they think about it. Listen to their constructive criticisms and see if you can apply it for a better output. Learning to respect and lend an ear to your members would impact the quality of your project a lot.

Key Takeaway

When you find your partners in your business, it is necessary to build rapport so you can work more effectively. Collaborating isn’t easy. There will be lots of brainstorming, where your ideas will clash with one another. There will be lots of agreements and disagreements, changes, and inevitable problems that you need to handle with poise. By considering the tips above, you can make them feel that collaborating with you is a form of luck!

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Kat Adiver
Kat Adiver
is a Mom. Graduated from Telfer School of Management, Finance/Accounting with interest to Entrepreneurship and New Media.
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