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WordPress Managed Hosting: Pressable Review

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Maintaining a robust online presence is now an integral part of running a business. For this reason, any merchant needs to make sure their WordPress website is flawless. Numerous aspects come together to achieve this, but the most important is choosing a hosting service. Pressable is an ideal hosting service that should enhance your strengths with many tailor-made features.

I- Pressable WordPress Hosting

From WordPress hosting to managed hosting and WooCommerce, Pressable hosting has a hypothetical hand in various hosting pots. They do this while maintaining a high standard of service. They offer hosting options for agencies, freelancers, eCommerce businesses, bloggers, web developers, and many more.

Its WordPress hosting solution is particularly impressive due to the numerous ways it improves over shared plans. Pressable also regularly contributes to WordPress development and thoroughly understands the content management system.

Pressable Uptime

Guaranteed uptime maintaining a WordPress site is a 24-hour job. And your website must be available at all times. Pressable is aware of this and has dedicated servers to ensure that you are always online. If there is a need for scheduled maintenance, you will be alerted. This assists in retaining your clientele at all times while you maintain your web presence.

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Pressable sets the bar high. They are the only WordPress hosting company to offer a service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees 100 percent network uptime. It will automatically failover to another data center if servers or other system components fail.

Pressable Architecture

Pressable’s automatic scalability and architecture ensure that your site performs optimally during traffic spikes. They also do routine server maintenance during off-peak hours to ensure it doesn’t impact your website’s traffic and SEO ranking.

Their support teams are always friendly and always ready to assist.

II- Why Pressable is a good choice for your WordPress website:

1- Pressable remarkable Online assistance

You’ve put up your WordPress site and encountered an issue. What do you do now? Well, Pressable has a dedicated 24-hour online support team that can assist you with any assignment. Professional technical support is a lifesaver at times of difficulty. You require staff to ensure that your site is operational at all times.

2- Performance Optimization and Monitoring

Pressable offers monitoring and reporting solutions that go beyond essential uptime monitoring and page load time statistics. Pressable enables you to analyze every page of your website and go down to the root cause of your site’s underperformance. Additionally, you may monitor critical components of your website, such as APIs, DSNs, CDNs, and networks.

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Pressable has a global network of over 100 servers. Pressable provides a realistic portrayal of how users worldwide perceive your website by sending pings from geographically varied areas. These tests assist you in identifying area-specific performance issues and CDN disruptions.

3- Website Content Optimization

Determine the loading speed of the elements on each WordPress website page, including scripts, style sheets, photos, and videos. Armed with this information, you may make significant adjustments to your site. You can optimize huge items, reduce page size, and increase site speed.

View transactional data to assist you in identifying and resolving bottlenecks between your website’s pages and database. By optimizing actions for seamless speed, you enhance the overall user experience.

4- User-friendly dashboard

Pressable recently spent a significant amount of time and effort improving its control panel. The control panel now has a clean, modern appearance and operates efficiently, regardless of whether you’re managing one or 200 sites.  

5- Security

To ward off security threats, Pressable performs malware and virus eradication checks. Additionally, they have an intrusion detection system to guard against hackers obtaining unauthorized access to your WordPress site.

Each Pressable website is secured using a web application firewall (WAF). It ensures the security of their whole website portfolio by preventing common attack vectors such as SQL injection.

III- Free Features with every Pressable Hosting:

1- All Pressable Plans Include a Free Jetpack

Pressable includes Jetpack with every website for increased security and performance. If you’re new to Jetpack, it’s a WordPress plugin. It provides malware scanning, brute force security, additional backup choices, and performance optimization tools. The $19 monthly plan includes a free version of Jetpack. All monthly subscriptions of $25 or more include Jetpack Security Daily (a $239 annual value).

2- Global CDN Provider for Free

All of Pressable’s hosting options provide complimentary access to their global CDN. The CDN ensures that your website offers a high-quality user experience regardless of where in the world your visitors are. It also helps with security and SEO.

3- Hack Recovery Assistance by Pressable

Pressable makes daily backups of your website and ensures that it can be restored promptly in a disaster. These backups are retrievable for 30 days.

And with their new, straightforward interface, you can view and download WordPress backups and restore them in a few simple steps. Pressable backs up your website files every 24 hours and offers hourly database backups.

You can also back up your files manually using SFTP, phpMyAdmin. Or you can contact their 24/7 support team for assistance.

If you’re looking for a managed WordPress hosting platform, Pressable is a fantastic choice. The hosting dashboard is quite intuitive and user-friendly. It’s evident that Pressable places a premium on providing outstanding service and maintaining a pleased customer base. Their help crew is exceptional when moving your site to their servers or setting up your first WordPress website.

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