10 Most Useful Activities That Are Worth Your Effort and Time

Time – a resource that we know is more precious than any other, and the resource that is most often wasted. To define what a waste of time is, it is...

Michael Basco Details How Doctors Can Responsibly Market Their Practice

Many doctors may want to know about the most effective ways to market their practice. Primary care doctors tend to promote their services directly to patients, while specialists’ offices...

Recognizing Codependent Behaviors in Your Family And Stopping Them

Codependency is an unhealthy relationship when one person is self-destructive or irresponsible and the other person is trying to fix them. Key Tips to Recognize...

5 Awesome Ways Yoga Can Benefit Men

Yoga can help you become a better man – physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually. Yep, it’s true. Learn why you need it in your fitness routine.

Traveling Has Multiple Mental Health Benefits Including Stress Relief

Many Americans are familiar with the term “daily grind” but aren’t aware of just how grinding our daily lives our when we miss out on our relaxation time.

Healthcare Professional, Basia Najarro Skudrzyk, Sheds Light on Anxiety Disorders and Current Treatment Options

Is it shyness, nervousness, fear or anxiety? Every person experiences these feelings at one time or another, especially to be shy in new social surroundings. But if the feeling brings on...
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