How to Support Your Partner When He or She is Struggling with Depression

When your partner suffers from depression, you will be very stressed, and feel entirely helpless and your hands are tight. And of course, depression is really a tenacious, hard...

5 Awesome Ways Yoga Can Benefit Men

Yoga can help you become a better man – physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually. Yep, it’s true. Learn why you need it in your fitness routine.

4 Surprising Beneficial Results Of Taking A Social Media Break For Mental Health Reasons

1. Sleep better. A recent study commissioned by Bank of America reported that out of the 1000 U.S participants, over 71% stated that they sleep within close proximity of...

Strategies For Better Sleep Each Night

There is no substitute for sleep. How much you need may depend on your age group or activity level, but it is safe to say that no one should be getting...

Why Technology is Transforming Dental Care

Technological changes have just about transformed every aspect of daily life, from how you shop and travel, to how you take care of your health. While you might be aware of advances...

Healthcare Marketing Trends to Consider for 2020

With winter fast approaching and the end of the year right on its heels, there's no better time to start revamping your healthcare marketing strategy. After all, there are...

Can Technology and AI Help Manage Mental Health in the Workplace?

The word ‘workplace’ is associated with stress for many people. And since there are various forms of mental health problems and stress is not just one of them, it...

Dr. Joel Arun Sursas Shares the Pros and Cons of Digital Medicine

The National Health IT Agenda In 2004, the National Health IT agenda listed ways that instituting EHRs would reduce health costs, correct the inefficiency of administration, and...

5 Tips to Make Your Seniors Life Easier

Getting old is not easy, and living as an old person alone or with a family is another challenge altogether. While life has its ups and downs, old age seems to...

10 Most Useful Activities That Are Worth Your Effort and Time

Time – a resource that we know is more precious than any other, and the resource that is most often wasted. To define what a waste of time is, it is...
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