Monday, April 15, 2024

Media Temple is launching a new enterprise WordPress solution

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Media Temple, the leading hosting company owned by GoDaddy, launched a new enterprise-grade WordPress hosting solution today and hosting the new-brand service on AWS.

The company knowing for its advanced WordPress Hosting service on its own servers that promise a better configuration and supported installs, will keep helping with the security issues and automatically patch on the new AWS service but also uses Amazon’s CloudFront DDoS protection to empower the maintainability of its clients’ websites.

The standard enterprise plan costs $2,500 per month and comes with:
– Support for up to 5 websites;
– A terabyte of cloud storage;
– 1.5 terabytes of monthly CDN usage,
– Scaling to up to 10 EC2 instances using containers;
– And support for Amazon’s RDS database.

While the MT plans may seem expensive, it’s in line with other managed WordPress hosting services like WPengine and Pressidium, which charges almost a similar price for their high-end plan.

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