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10 Criteria to Choose an Expert Content Writing Service

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Choosing a quality writing service can become a real challenge, especially if you are limited in time or have a very peculiar assignment in your pocket. Here are some tips on how not to get scammed and address an expert content writing company without losing too much time on the search. 

#1. Friends you can trust use and like this service

It is not a perfect idea to ask about writing services recommendation using social media posts, as you don’t want a broad public to be aware of you using such services. However, you can always ask the friends you trust about the companies they address when it comes to academic writing. Ask not only about likes and dislikes, go into details.

#2. It has good online feedback (check Trustpilot and similar sources)

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Fortunately, there are some online services you can visit to find feedback regarding a particular writing company you think can be good. Read feedback and recommendations, but remember that people are more inclined to complain than to praise someone. Also, pay attention to the character of complaints — if clients complain about something you are not interested in, just ignore such comments.

#3. Its website looks trustworthy and well-thought-out

A company should have a user-friendly website with an up-to-date design. Also, it should not be a one-page website where they ask you to leave your contact details or place an order directly without giving many details. Ignore one-two page websites altogether.

#4. You can track at least one year of its work in the market

Of course, it is better to address content writing companies established more than 3-5 years ago. They are used to any “write my paper for me” requests and have well-established teams to address such requests. Also, new paper writing services are suspicious, even if they offer better conditions as a promotion. Stick to companies with experience and reputation — they won’t let you down in the last moment.

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#5. The support team answers immediately or close to that

When you address support, even without placing an order yet, they should respond to your request really fast. There can be some delays, and it is normal for any business, but it is a “no go” if you need to wait for a response for hours. You can judge the overall speed of work by how fast the support team answers.

#6. You can post a free inquiry before you place an order

It is a very important criterion you should not ignore. Free inquiry allows you to get more information about your order. For example, you want to know which deadline is appropriate when it comes to an assignment like this or want to discuss other conditions. If you don’t have such an opportunity, something is wrong with this website.

#7. Online calculator and fair pricing policy

Fair pricing policy stands for “Clients can easily understand how the price is formed,” accompanied by zero hidden payments. Normally the primary price depends on the proximity of the deadline, your year of education, and the number of papers required. The online calculator at the website is always a good sign — play with it before placing your order.

#8. Set of guarantees you can rely on

Normally, you should be offered the following guarantees: Timely Delivery, Plagiarism Free (also can be named Originality), Confidentiality, and Money-Back Guarantees. If you can’t find the list of them at the front page, check the Terms and Conditions page.

#9. Progressive delivery option available

The Progressive Delivery option allows you to pay for your paper in installments and receive it back part by part. It gives you full control over the process. You can plan your spendings better and give timely feedback to an assigned writer.

#10. Your gut feeling about this service

Don’t ignore your senses, your gut feeling. If everything looks fine, but you feel like something is wrong about the company, and you cannot even explain it — just choose another service. 

There are many quality services you can address in case you have an academic assignment you would like to delegate. It is a common practice, and there is nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you will, for sure, choose a quality service for your needs. Remember that it is beneficial to use one service continuously as it allows you to receive bonuses and become a part of a discount program. Choose wisely and enjoy the result!

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