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10 Easy Steps to Make Maximum Profit from ClickBank

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So you’re hooked on affiliate programs? That’s great news!


Here’s how you can make maximum profit from ClickBank:

Step 1

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Start by creating an affiliate account on ClickBank and get yourself a user ID. This will be the all important ‘hoplink’ that ClickBank will use to pay you for your affiliate programs.

Step 2

Choose the right product. Get to the ClickBank marketplace and select one with a gravity of 20 to 100. This means less competition and better profit for your affiliate program!

Step 3

Select the “affiliates” link on the seller’s web page. You’ll find great promotional material like keywords, banners and articles that you can use to hawk the product on your own site.

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Step 4

Check what your commission is! Don’t fritter away hard cash on pay per click advertising if your net commission is lower. Make sure you’re getting more in sales than you’re paying out.

Step 5

If you’ve got a digital product to sell yourself, like an eBook, then create an affiliate account on ClickBank. You’ll be a merchant on the ClickBank marketplace!

Step 6

If you’re a merchant, maximize traffic to your site with killer keywords. Pick 20 or 30 keywords for your affiliate programs. These keywords will drive high traffic to your product and possibly result in sales conversion.

Step 7

Write articles around those keywords. If you can’t, get someone to do it for you. Bank on a keyword density of 2% – 4%: this sort of optimization will get search engines buzzing. Put in a link to your affiliate program in the resource box, shoot those articles off to article directories, and rake in the traffic!

Step 8

Pick eBooks with a minimum $50 value. You make more money that way. Low priced eBooks will crimp your credit card with costly payments for ads.

Step 9

Start blogging! Place the affiliate link on your blog. Make sure you blog about the product you’re promoting. Tell people the benefits of clicking on the link of your affiliate programs.

Step 10

Get your link on pay per click or PPC search engines like Google Ad Words. You’ll get a page ranking in the top 3 and be charged 10 cents for each click on your website. On average, you’ll get 3 sales for every 100 visitors.

Right – so now you’ve got those tips, your next step is to make it all work for you! I’ve got some great affiliate programs and strategies that’ll beef up your ClickBank revenue. Look at my site and ride the affiliate marketing wave today!

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