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4 Reasons to Become a Trained Software Expert

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Most software tools will have a set of basic features that are self-explanatory and easy for the average user to become familiar with. However, certain professional tools have steep learning curves that require guided training or extensive studying of the support manual. Fittingly, the most advanced software are those that are used to facilitate business-related processes which produce the highest commercial value for the users. As such, software expertise has become an industry in and of itself. Beyond that obvious observation, here are four additional reasons why you might want to consider becoming a trained software expert:

1. Employment Eligibility

Numerous surveys have shown that employers are more likely to hire candidates who have credentials or certifications related to software operation. The type of software that will increase your chances of being hired the most will depend on the industry you’re searching for. For example, if you were looking for a job in an office building, specializing in the use of a word processor or spreadsheet software like Microsoft Word and Excel would be ideal. On the other hand, if you were looking for a managerial job in the manufacturing sector, you might want to learn how to use a PCB design program to create custom circuit boards.

2. Enhanced Business Acumen

Software proficiency doesn’t just make you a more appealing job candidate, it also gives you the ability to achieve better performance in your own entrepreneurial endeavors. You’ll be able to manage your company with a hands-on approach and without having to pay for the expertise of other business professionals. For example, instead of having to hire someone who knows how to operate an accounting software, why not just take a course in using Quickbooks?

3. Consultancy and Speaking Revenue

With certification that proves you’re a highly trained user of enterprise software, companies will pay you just for advice on how to better implement strategies within their digital systems. Thus, this type of expertise directly adds a new revenue stream to your business model and gives you an extra topic that you can discuss on your blog and during business conferences or summits. Many speakers, analysts, and consultants have built lucrative side careers around delivering presentations related to using software for specific corporate purposes.

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4. Heightened Productivity

Of course, it stands to reason that anyone who’s a wizard inside of software that’s designed to enhance business productivity is going to directly reap the reward of becoming a highly productive businessperson. Take a course in spreadsheet automation or macro creation and you’ll get an idea of what is possible when you know how to use certain productivity-oriented tools and scripting interfaces.

Software is a Fun Hobby

Finally, let’s not forget that software is also a fun hobby, so at a bare minimum, you’re giving yourself a new form of entertainment to enjoy during your free time. If you’re taking the hobbyist approach, you might want to start with an artistic software like graphic design, CAD, video game creation, or music production software.

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